[H] GEMS Horde Guild (New...ish)

Hi Everyone,

I’ll break this into sections for easy reads :)

So, back in the vanilla days...
(Noooo... How do you know someone played vanilla? They’ll tell you!)
I had a guild, played horde, lost the account and never thought about recovering when I returned.
When I did return (in late wrath) we set up a new guild (alliance unfortunately :) to match my friends) and then I didn’t play again until late legion (around 2 months ago actually).
My old guild-mates no longer play as they cannot balance WoW with work so...
Now I’ve caught up with gameplay, done the majority of things to do around the isles and have 3x 110 toons, collected the purble birb etc. And want our little cheerful community back.
Edit: Obviously we've caught up more than that since, this is an older post now ;-)

Our Guild:
So, we called it "GEMS" (an old reference to former guilds on other games, don’t worry about it, it’s just pretty stone themed).
I have me (obviously) and my partner to run the guild.
We are looking to expand our roster for like minded people to play with.
We do not care what level you are or how new you are.
Nor do we mind what classes you are.
We want people to help build it from the ground up and form our little community. I invest a fair amount of items and others bits and pieces into the guild as I had a small amount of legacy stuffs on the horde side from back in the day.

Our goals:
To have fun.
Getting the highest ilvl and running those mythics is great but arguing and mud slinging with others is not great.
I run raids occasionally, just getting back into the swing of leading them.
(Edit: We now have a raid leader
Guild raiding times are flexible but often:
Weds 21:00
Fri 21:00
Optional Mon 21:00 catchups
(Times are realm times ofc))
Atm doing the weekly mythic+ dungeons too.
Occasional legacy runs for transmogs and mounts.
World quests together and general mucking around and helping each other towards goals.
Everything really!

The sad stuff:
We are UK based so our times are GMT. (You are welcome to be in another time zone and still play then obviously, I simply state this as it is when I am usually online, some of our members play in the middle of the day)
This means:
Afternoon/evenings weekdays (anytime weekends).
We only speak English :(
We are only on the Magtheridon server (obviously)
Don’t be alarmed if we don’t immediately slam you to the top rank in the guild, we need to trust people before super epic awesome all time access...

I will not put up with sexist, racist or any other insults.
Just be careful with your jokes, try not to be offensive etc.

We currently use discord for out of game communication.
This is optional but you’ll miss a bit of communication and fun if you opt out.
No mic is required and we don’t force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.

Rather talk it over in game? Cool too.
My new main is my profile character, that’s my name, hit me up :)

Discord link for recruitment access https://discord.gg/EHbWT9M
Feel free to just join Discord and start chatting to us :)
Hi there,

This sounds great! I've been guildless for a while but have been wanting to join a new guild to build a community around :)

I have a few 110's but I'm mostly planning on playing my 110 rogue while leveling this shaman

I'll talk to you later in game to make sure you're willing to accept me but from everything I've read, I'm all in!

Hi guys, we’re still looking for more people to join us.
And Yes Hakan, more than happy to, we’re just after people that play nice.

Happy to accept even the newest players, I don’t mind explaining raid tactics and the like etc.
Just checking back, letting y’all know the threads still active and checked occasionally, still happily taking in more members :)
Hi there,
I’m an ele/resto shaman looking for a raiding guild for bfa. Only rarely done pvp but always wanted to pve. I work nights and was wondering if you raid on weekdays. I can make weekend evenings/nights.
Thanks in advance.
Hey Halfalargar ,

We are still few in number, I do a couple of raids a week and just find other to join at the moment.
I'd be happy to make them scheduled once we have enough people to class it as a guild run.
You're welcome to join and see if we're a fit for you.

At the moment we seem to be gaining a new member every one or two days.
We're up to 11 at the moment and we started with just myself and my partner.
I should probably do some more active recruitment but I didn't want to be one of those spamming guilds asking everyone to be a member.
Hello there,

Im basically a new player, played in legion for some bit but got bored of my MM.
I've never done a raid but i did a few Mythic+ dungeons in legion.
Im probably going to play my DH (fine with both specs) (and maybe use my boost on a monk).
The only problem might be that i live in a different time zone, but we'll see.

Battletag: SJRampage#2130
HI I am a returning player battletag Nagios#2249 i am UK based and looking for a friendly Guild / Group to play with. Along with this char
I have a 100 Blood elf Rogue
I have an 87 Undead Preist
I have 15 Pandaren Monk
And last but by no means least a 9 Goblin Warrior which i swear one day i am going to level. I am not the greatest raider but do enjoy working through quests PVP, and if you dont mind the odd mistake i like to raid to have fun. I am a mature player so if interested contact me in game.
Hi both, I have added you.
Catch me when you're next on and I'll send you a G invite.

Also someone else contacted me today but there appears to be an error with me responding, if that is you just send me a message on the forums, mail in game or try whispering again.
I'm not ignoring you :)
I like the sound of re-starting a newish community and i'm wondering if you have space for another champion of the light?

Played a lot in Wrath but every expansion since i've found myself playing solo as all my IRL friends are on different servers/guilds (i'm in my bank guild at the moment)

I main Prot Paladin but i'll also be leveling a fury warrior and a mage (not sure on spec yet)

Feel free to /w me in game on #Rayzzor2284
Hey I'm interested in joining I'm going to be boosting a rogue on horde Magtheridon. I've raided since Vanilla took a break for wotlk and a bit of MoP . Came back at the end of MoP and have been back raiding since on and off.

I can pick up and Learn raid tactics quick and easily and I'm looking forward to raiding on horde on a new realm :)
As A casual player who does like to do m+ dungeons And Some raiding this sounds like A good fit!
I’ll try to Add you this evening if that’s ok ;)
Hey, i am a casual player and looking for a guild in BFA. Sounds like a cool guild, and i am all up for raiding. i am playing a Fury warrior, and have played consistently since late MOP. Would love to raid and do mythic+, and i am quick in adapting to the tactics.
Battletag: ChipSkylark#2983
Hey I'm a fairly casual player who's looking for a guild to chat and raid with in BfA, if yous are still looking for folks then hit me up. Azzbo#21765
Hi everyone, sorry for my absence in checking the forum post, I have been on the game mind! getting that all important BFA experience.

I have added those of you I can, message me in game :)
Still welcoming newcomers :)
Casual player looking to finally get into some harder content (eventually)

Your guild description sounds so chill, I have a young family and this sounds like a no pressure guild.

Battle tag:Rosoph#2525
Omgosh! This guild sounds awesome :)

I'm currently in a lovely guild but there are just not enough ppl to do content with atm so looking for a new home.

In game: 320+ disc priesty who'll also be gearing holy as well. Looking for chill peeps to continue gearing with atm and also a nice group to raid with (hopefully aiming for HC)!

IRL: 'Mature' player (30s), from the UK, who is also a parent.

Battletag: Sarieen#2751
Hi both,

Again my apologies, been away on business.
I have added you on Bnet.

Please message me when we're both online and I'll send you a G invite.

I don't mind if it turns out the guilds not for you, you don't have to make any excuses to leave or anything.
Just trying to get a friendly environment going y'know?

We have enough members that we often dungeon, not enough online at the same times for our raid schedule yet but hopefully!

Can't wait until they get the social part of the app working so I can check in whenever people need me.
This sounds like the sort of guild I'm after. I've added you to my friends list and will /w you when I see you online.

All my friends have quit and are not interested in BFA so I'm friendless and all alone in the world :'(

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