[H] GEMS Horde Guild (New...ish)

Over 20 active members that are on most days in the week, a few other more casual timed people too.
Thanks everyone for getting our community started.

We’re still growing if anyone else is interested in joining.
Hey, sounds like a good friendly guild, so I would like to join so we can raid and gank some alliance when I get max lvl ;)

My battlenet: PaiDoUmar #2464
Gotcha Sehknas!
So we raid pretty regularly now and would appreciate some more members who are looking to run them as a guild.

Uldir ahead of the curve guild leader.
Contrary to my joking personality I do seem to know what I’m doing.
There is a Discord link on the op now so you can join our recruitment channel and ask anything you want :)
Well, GEMS is growing into a wonderful little guild!

Like social raiding? We got you!
Like collecting stuff? We got you there too!!
Like PvP?... we've got plans for the future.
Enjoying just hanging out in game doing stupid stuff with your guild buddies? That's our specialty!

Message us here, in game or on our discord (on OP) and one of us will happily chat with you!
Thanks Sarieen,

Just to let everyone know we are still actively recruiting and growing.
Come have a chat :)
It is a very nice guild.
I came back to wow after quite a break and they were kind enough to embrace me.
Currently still trying to recruit additional members to ensure consistent raid attendance.
Raid schedule is:
Weds 21:00
Fri 21:00
Optional Mon 21:00 catch-ups.
So if you are looking for a (new) home, this is the place to be!
We're still open for business everyone, going quite strong.
Happily accepting new members :)

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