Glory For The Horde Community

Looking for Players – PvE
Welcome to World of Warcraft - Glory for the Horde Community.

Sign up to Discord if you want to Join the Community.
Community will be open on Wednesday

This started off being a guild from Moonglade / The Sha'tar / Steamwheeedle Cartel and will be expanded to a community on Battle for Azeroth.

We welcome all HORDE players to come join us from all realms and we will offer you a great community full of different people from around Europe to play and socialise together. We will be hosting Raid nights 4-7 nights a week, Rated Battlegrounds and other events.
Our members currently level up together and help each to grow as a team.
We encourage all our players to help each other with class advice, game, Dungeons and raid tactics also.

We accepting players from all realms now due to the new BFA Community.

Please sign up to Discord Channel with your character-Realm as nickname and let me know if you are community or Guild.

Our officers are on and will help you if you got any problems or just need any advice in general.

So please come and check this great community out.

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