Mythic plus

I have only 3 suggestions:

1. Leaver bracket for leavers.
What Blizzard has to do is to create a leaver bracket.It will have 2 timers which count games and time.You have to do/play either a specific amount of games or wait a certain amount of time to get out of the leaver bracket.The time/games will increase the more you leave the groups you are joining.When you are in the leaver bracket you are grouped only with those in it.

2. A time debuff for kicked players
When you are kicked you will receive a leaver debuff for 30 minutes.Each time you are kicked in 1 day the debuff will increase with 30 mins up to 2 hour maximum.When the daily reset occurs the debuff will reset to 30minutes.
If anyone disconnects(doesn't matter if it's a rage quit or with a specific reason) just create a timer a 5 minute timer which will let you kick him, giving him the debuff(If the group does want to continue).
If the group disbands then he goes directly into the leaver bracket.

3. Allow me to block the battle tag of a player.
When I block someone he must never be able to apply to my group ever again.
No. Blizzard shouldnt interfere in premade groups.

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