Noted recruiting Raiding 6/8M

Twisting Nether
Progress update
Bump class recruit update
I’m looking for a guild to join. Hit me up ingame. Madflavor#2857 Hpala
Highly in need of reliable MW monk for our core raiding team that can show 90 % attendance for raids! contact ASAP if you're willing to full that role
recruitment update (healers spots opened and dps)
Highly in need of a Priest healer(any spec)
Progress update
Bump Fetid down to 71k (Sad times)

But good for a second night progress will get him down soon! looking for a dedicated monk healer/Disc priest
Progress bump
Bump core spots open for MW/Disc/holy healers and Warrior/rogue dps feel free to apply on website or get into contact with the officers in game
still need holy/disc?
Progress update

me and a few friends are looking for a new raiding guild. our guild stopped going for M proggress and we would like to push it a bit more. we are all 375+ and 1.2k rio
main Mage
main lock
main dk/monk
and me DH

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