Warmode - a bad experience

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21/07/2018 09:33Posted by Inflamês
21/07/2018 05:21Posted by Zeúz
PvP is bad.
YOU are bad, that's why you PVE.

The only problems about warmode is that it should be 20% increased rewards instead of 10, that PVE gear rocks in PVP and that warmode and non-warmode players are not in the same zones.

No, I think the xp gains, not gold or gear, should be much higher the lower your level and then even out at 10% when you reach 110 >>120. At this moment in time 10% is not going to cut it as a bonus and neither will 20%. High xp rewards for extra risk would also partially solve the levelling problem but at 10% very few people are going to turn it on once the initial curiosity has passed.
I'm what you would call a "pve player" and I turned warmode on on the spot. I've played on pvp servers for a decade for a reason. I rolled once on a pve server and it just felt off. It lacks a certain spice for life. I don't even give a damn about xp bonuses, I'm an extremely slow leveler.

The only issue I have with warmode atm is the phasing. If I'm grouped with people that have it off I can't see them. Makes summoning to dungeons a bit funny.

As for the so called "pve-ers" that are complaining, are you for real? You want to play safe mode, you get lesser rewards. If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen.
warmode has made the game more vanilla world pvp like, i love it :D been corpse camped, i get owned by rogues, but hey! thats how it is.
make pve and pvp realms - people compain cuz "my feelings are too sensitive for pvp"

blizzard removes it and make pvp realms completely optional- people complain again

nothing to see here boys,move along
21/07/2018 11:36Posted by Brewni
Leveling faster is not just a PvE reward.

if you die, you level slower
Warmode ? Love it ... If you dont then turn it off ...

Wow should introduce a moron fee for people like you ... Double the price of subs or something ... to compensate everyone else for your bull!@#$ ....
21/07/2018 09:41Posted by Gannet

Yes, that's why the bonus is there but why try to get people who are not interested in WPVP to warmode?
We had no incentives for creating characters on PVP servers until now, people were free to choose whatever suited them. Now if you want to play on PVE you get penalized, makes no sense.

Warmode players already got their bonus in form of having access to their PvP talents.

While that 10% is not worth turning warmode on, it still makes no sense. As you've said, warmode is not the hard mode like some world pvpers claim it to be, it's just the new fancy name for the old /pvp toggle.

I get it that a huge majority of the playerbase have no interest in warmode, but if Blizzard intends to keep bonuses other than the access to PvP talents in warmode, its only fair that players who turned warmode off would get a +10% rep bonus to even out that +10% exp bonus that comes with the warmode.
Warmode won't really be a PvE vs PvP whine once people start leveling. It will be one more in the series of "why do I have to LFR".

Why? Because some people always, always feel they "have" to get every bit of advantage they can take in leveling and gearing up. If LFR gives one more chance to get a legendary or a something-forged item they "have" to do it. If Warmode gives 10% more XP they "have" to do it so they can level characters faster. Simple as that.
waaaah waaaah, i turned pvp on i got killed waaah. BLIZZ PLZZ FIX

If you dont want to pvp, then dont turn pvp on.
Tried warmode.

For some reason, only Horde players have warmode on, and you are grouped together with people from other realms. Which means there are basically Hordes running around everywhere, and you couldnt level or pvp, unless you enjoyed getting gang banged by a bunch of orcs and blodd elves.

Still not sure if I was exceptionally unlucky. But I encountered what must have been 11 horde players from other realms in a matter of 15 minutes in Hyjal. Whereas I encountered 0 other Alliance players.

Kind of a shame, hoped warmode would be able to bring back server pvp and a sense of server identity. Instead we are stuck with more cross realm garbage.

That being said, no one forced me to play warmode, and I just turned it off and went on with my life.
21/07/2018 03:50Posted by Karin
21/07/2018 03:48Posted by Velissa
And i advice people, that are terrible in PvP or simply have no interest at all in doing it to avoid frustration and waste of your time to do the same and never turn in on.

Why would those people ever play Warmode in the first place? There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to turn it on if you don't intend to PvP.

PvP abilities constantly work in Warmode and are realy strong compared to normal abilities for quite some classes, also the 10% XP and 10% reward boost are both quite good bonuses, but in the end it just goes to the point of extra rewards only gives you back a bit of time, what you lose as being dead.
So many babies playing WoW. PvP if you want bonuses, don't if you don't.

Stop this crying constantly.
I turn on Warmode because I like the idea of enforced PvP that you can't blue flag out of (and didn't want to move to a PvP realm without my guildies/friends). The fact I get bonuses is just an added incentive, not the reason I turn it on.

If this added incentive causes more people to activate it, great. But if you're doing it just for a measly 10% buff to XP and SOME quest rewards, and hope you never need to defend yourself, you're wasting your time.

You'll literally get more efficient questing and XP farmed without the threat of PvP. Turn it off.
I actually like warmode. The extra rewards are there to compensate the fact that you'll get beat up every now and then. I actually enjoyed lvling my monk's last few lvls with war mode, managed to kill some 110's at a lower lvl.

If you don't like warmode, just don't enable it. I don't understand why people are complaining that PvP players get compensated for their downtime doing corpse runs from PvPing. The bonus doesn't count in dungeons, it's only outdoor questing and activities.
I've never really understood why anyone would willingly flag themselves for PVP. I mean, is there some kind of fun to be had from level 110s one shotting you on your level 15 and then camping your corpse for their amusement?
21/07/2018 08:58Posted by Zermione
Are you guys for real? Doing Quests on PvE servers is easy mode, doing it with PvP is hard mode so ofcause they get Better rewards, its like crying about MoS+15 give better gear than MoS +10

Just stop it, its embarrasing
people probably would if they hadn't nerfed xp gain to the ground already, that 10% can make a huge difference.
21/07/2018 17:58Posted by Níko
21/07/2018 08:58Posted by Zermione
Are you guys for real? Doing Quests on PvE servers is easy mode, doing it with PvP is hard mode so ofcause they get Better rewards, its like crying about MoS+15 give better gear than MoS +10

Just stop it, its embarrasing
people probably would if they hadn't nerfed xp gain to the ground already, that 10% can make a huge difference.

It's not that bad tbh, lvled with warmode disabled on beta and it was at a decent speed.
No one is forced to do PVP or Warmode. If you are worried about the extra XP gain, look at it this way. The ones who are doing PVP to level, will of course level faster, but guess what, you will also reach the same levels in the game as they will. Of course the PVPer in Warmode will reach say level 120 before you do (Assuming they quest with Warmode on 24/7), but you will also reach 120. As for the gear and bonuses, this has always been that way with PVP. I am a casual PVPer and I think with the abuse one puts up with in battlegrounds, plus having to worry about players and npc's killing you, the bonuses are worth it to anyone who goes into warmode.
Hahahaha carebears whinging about a different sort of seperation that was made for them!

This is pathetic to read. How about you turn it off and be quiet?

Disgusting entitlement.

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