Keybind trouble, need suggestions

So I'm terribly worried about the amount of keybinds required on my prot specc to the point I'm discouraged from maining it in BfA. I'd like to hear some suggestions on how to tackle it. Here's my current layout:

F - Devastate, [shift] - Shield Block
E - Revenge, [shift] - Shield Bash
Q - Thunder Clap, [shift] - Heroic Leap
R - Shield Slam, [shift] - Storm Bolt
C - Intercept, [shift] Pummel
G - Taunt, [shift] - Shockwave
1 - Last Stand
2 - Shield Wall
3 - Intimidating Shout
4 - Disarm
5 - Mount
Mouse1 - Dragon Charge
Mouse2 - Battle Shout
Mouse3 - Ignore Pain, [shift] - Avatar
Mouse4 - Victory Rush, [shift] - Commanding Shout
Mousewheel up - Heroic Throw, down - Demoralizing Shout
Mouse scroll button - Spell Reflect, [shift] - Berserker Rage

It's awfully messy obviously so any tips and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks!
I like to place cooldowns on F1 - F5
Frequently used abilities on 1 - 5
Interrupt(s) always on the same key (F)
Pre pot on Mouse 4/5
Consumables i.e. Healthstone on C
Other abilities bound near the movement keys (WASD) e.g. Q, E, T, G, V, X, Z

Mount on a key that I typically won't use e.g. Caps Lock (Can be annoying when you accidently whisper someone in caps, but I haven't found a better key yet).

Have a play around with your keybinds and find something that works for you.
I think you need to look into macros.
20/07/2018 14:12Posted by Dottie
I think you need to look into macros.

Please elaborate, I can only think of macroing with modifiers which I already do.
I'd get a mouse with more buttons (Naga, Rival 500, the Logitech one, etc) and put the CDs on the side buttons. It's what I do. (Naga and Rival 500 have a tiltable mouse wheel, which I find very useful.)
21/07/2018 14:22Posted by Murr
I'd get a mouse with more buttons

Not really an option for me because my fingers lack finer motoric skills due to medical reasons. I'm already struggling with 4 buttons + the wheel. Thanks though.
I put my regular skills which i use all the time on 1-5 (usually not more than 5)
My CDs are on Shift 1-5
Q is for my movement speed buff
E is for my big def CD
R is my stun most of the times (or slow, so just a skill to cc to say)
Both my kicks are on my mouse
obviously this changes a bit from character to character but that's always been the most comforting setup for me

Oh and lastly i put my consumables on Alt 1-4 depending on how many i need on that character
I'd recommend unbinding S and using A and D as your strafe keys then. Also, you should consider finding the easiest keys for you to press, and then use a control/shift combo of that key.

Don't recommend F1 etc keys unless you've got long fingers. Also I never bind further than 6 on my keyboard since it's getting too far away.

Since I use Q W and E as my movement buttons, my best buttons are A , S , D , X, C, V, R, T, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, F, T, G. Then I use a ctrl combo for some of those to fill out the rest of my macros/abilities.
21/07/2018 14:40Posted by Papudeath

Don't recommend F1 etc keys unless you've got long fingers.

Depends on the keyboard. I spesificly look for keyboards which don't have space between the number keys and the F keys whenever I buy a new one.

Personally I bind F1, F2, F3, F4, (F5), 1-5 (6), Q, E, R, T, (Y), F, G, H, <, Z, X, C (V).

The keys marked as ( ) are keys I do not wish to use, but which I might be forced to use with some specs due to them having too many spells in my opinion.

I don't use combo keys. I am way to clumsy to combind keys for stuff. Allready struggle enough hitting Shift before hitting a letter to make it big when I type!

But yeah, if your keyboard allows it(as in, not too much space between them and the rest of the keys), I would recommend you bind the F keys.
I find alt a much more convenient modifier to use than shift, and it works just as well for both q,w,e,r and 1,2,3,4,5.
shift-1/2/3/4 is also very helpful
I have 24 keybinds with 6 keys (+ 3 more which will only be used once), and are easy to remember, especially when laid out in a similar order I list them.

The two side buttons on my mouse I will refer to as button 1 and 2

The first six are the things I use the most, with the mouse buttons being my primary attacks (these first six are the easiest to reach whilst moving).

All of these keybinds can be used whilst still moving ingame without much difficulty.

Button 1
Button 2
Middle Mouse Button

Shift + Button 1
Shift + Button 2
Ctrl + Button 1
Ctrl + Button 2
Alt + Button 1
Alt + Button 2
Shift + Alt + Button 1
Shift + Alt + Button 2
Alt + Ctrl + Button 1
Alt + Ctrl + Button 2
Shift + Ctrl + Button 1
Shift + Ctrl + Button 2

Middle Mouse Button + Shift
Middle Mouse Button + Ctrl
Middle Mouse Button + Alt
Middle Mouse Button + Alt + Shift
Middle Mouse Button + Alt + Ctrl
Middle Mouse Button + Shift + Ctrl

My main is also a Warrior Prot and I use all these keybinds apart from the last 6 middle mouse buttons keybinds (which I use for mounts). It works brilliantly. I also have the numbers to use as well for anything left over.

You could easily add more to this, like

E + Shift
E + Crl
E + Alt

and so forth.
One thing you might look into is moving your movement keys one space to the right. So instead of forward being W, it's E; D for backwards; S for strafe left; F for strafe right. (Don't really need turn left and right, since you can do that with the mouse.)

Opens up three extra keys (Q, W, A) on the left. That's three more abilities you can bind, while still having Shift (and Control and Alt, if you use those) within reach. It'll take some adjusting to, and might confuse you if you don't make the same change in any other games you play. It took me a little while, but I think it's worth it.

I put Cleave on Q (as they sound sort of similar - or some other AoE), W for self-healing (Victory Rush or that talent that replaces it, Word of Light for Ret Pally, and that self-heal Rogues have), and A for interrupt. And R for Revenge (although on other classes/specs, it varies - sometimes Sap or Blind or Repentance, Overpower for Arms ... eh, don't remember the others). T was Thunderclap (or Consecrate, or Whirlwind, or some other AoE).

Z and X are also keys you can use - I don't remember any more what they usually does, but it's something fairly useless (is it Z for sheathe/unsheathe weapon, and X for sit down/stand up?). On my warrior, I've got Z for taunt, X for Heroic throw (Ctrl + Shift + Z for sheathe/unsheathe, Ctrl + Shift + X for sit/stand - I don't often use them, but I still like to have these actions keybound somewhere). As well as using Z for any othertaunt-like ability for those who have them.

Also, I don't know why you've got Mount bound there; you'll never use it in combat, so might as well have it somewhere slightly more to the side (I've got these two buttons behind the scroll wheel on my mouse, Shift + Front one for flying mount, Shift + Rear one for ground mount) - I don't want to tell you how to keybind, but maybe you could do something like Ctrl+Left mouse for mount?

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