Why doesn't the Alliance get new customisation options?

Horde gets straight back orcs, and golden eye belves.

Did I miss the Alliance update?
I think Blizzard simply doesn't see the need to add any new options for the Alliance races.
The straight back orcs have been supposedly demanded for a while now.
The yellow eyes make sense since the Sunwell was purified.

However I wish they added some more beards for the Night Elf males and maybe more options for the Worgen.
I would love to get some jewelry in my long beautiful ears (so long and graceful.. But no jewelry?!)... Or the ability to change between golden/silver eyes.. Seeing as Night Elves can be born with either silver (more common) and golden eyes.

Heck, even more tattoo's would make sense for Nelfs!
I really want blue eyes on my gnome without having to look like an old hag or like I'm on some kind of illegal substance.
Still waiting on Sigryn's hair for female characters, for the record.
I think when they announce new Worgen & Goblin models, 90% of the people will be hyped for Worgen more than Goblins :) - No shade to Goblins, I like them!
where is my worgen and goblin model update, my main has more pixels on his armor than his own face.
Because we're already fabulous as we are, that's why :)

Horde is a bit better, but still trying.
need more hairstyles/beard styles for male humans at least.
Yes. There is a lore-needed change. Golden eyes for female night elves and silver for male.
I wish they would give us glowing eyes for female worgen, so much better then the Disney princess look (check out worgen DKs for comparison).
Obviously Id love a nice new reskin, better 'skin' options as the fur patterns are pretty ugly and the option to have a non snarling face but TBH glowing eyes would make me happy enough.
its a VERY long overdue feature to let orcs be upright been loads of forum campaigns to have this added,
im happy for the orc players who finally get non hunched over clowns and also with zandalari trolls inc hopefulyl darkspear get the same options.

as for blood elves getting gold eyes, this should have been available at the end of TBC when the sunwell was restored and the belves fel mana dependency was removed.
however blizz lacked the tech or desire for such things.
so the gold eyes are a nice feture to reflect belves drawning power from the sunwell and not fel energy.

as for alliance we get to change skin colour (horde to) at the barbour shop.

also dont forget how much love alliance got in legion.
alliance looks way too good as it is
20/07/2018 23:28Posted by Nyenne
Golden eyes for female night elves and silver for male.

In theory, with all of Illidan's lore, neither male or female Night Elves should have golden eyes.

Guess it's one of those 'bit late to do anything now' things.
Yep, I'm waiting on those new haircuts for all races really. I have my eye on Nathanos' haircut and beard, would love to have those and Mathias Shaw's moustache added to the humans.
Night elves should be able to choose between gold/silver eyes. It's something that's been supported in lore long before blood elf yellow eyes. Should also be able to have black hair for non DH night elves, theres even artwork of a NE druid with black hair on the official page for the night elf race.
I wanted...

- straight back for male worgen
- male night elf get white eyes like female's
- male night's eyebrows stay without beard
I'd like a voice option for the humans; Stormwind human or Gilnean, locking out Gilnean from classes such as Paladin.
I can't think of a change that is as small as the ones the Horde got that would be relevant to the Alliance races.
No need for the Alliance to get anything this time around.
If they simply would fix shield positioning and sizing for male Draeneis already, I'd be happy. Can't play my toon watching tiny gnome-sized shields stuck on his neck.

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