Treating depression with WoW is like treating it with alcohol: it doesn't help in the long run and may well make it all worse. Don't self-medicate.

As others have said, you need to talk to a professional. There are web sites dedicated to these subjects in every country that will assist you in finding addresses and phone numbers, and there are international self-help forums as well.
22/07/2018 00:16Posted by Brewny

The only advice that can help if the person acts on it is to talk to someone, preferably a doctor.

Not recommended.

A doctor is going to throw SSRI drugs in your face the second you step into his or her office.

Niayra has good tips. Some will definitely benefit from this.

Others might benefit from certain supplements.
Well done OP for actually telling people about it. I actually think you're crazy for taking a gamble on the forum community to do anything but !@#$post and troll but i've been pleasantly surprised. Its been a couple of weeks so I'm hoping you're doing ok.
21/07/2018 22:08Posted by Reladda
Not sure if its the right forum but i wanna try it,

Im suffering from an anxiety disorder + depression,

I play WoW for a couple of years now to get a bit of 'relieve' from the stress it all causes. But as time passes i feel WoW doesnt help me that much anymore since i dont have any friends with me that wanna play this game or either are trolls or just kids that think this illness is a joke.

My question is : How do i cope with a depression caused by an anxiety disorder apart from only play WoW?

I'm in the same boat as you with Depression and Anxiety, and the best thing I can say is there are loads of ways to deal with it, it's all down to the person. I myself enjoy going for walks at night (No people around, so I don't feel too panicky), doing some drawing, and have even been carving wood to relieve the stress. Other hobbies are the best way to help.

Just relying on 1 method will devalue it eventually, so having multiple always helps.
As a person with social anxiety and PTSD complex trauma (Yes Im getting help)
I agree with you.

Wow is my sanctuary, a place I relax and feel safe.
I love the story writing
I love parts of the community (Lots of toxic people out there)
And I love the wide selection in playable races.

My way of coping with it on offline hours is. Well. This might sound dumb, but learn some meditation and mindfulness mantras. I called bull when I started with it, was my shrink who suggested it. It helps at times, and some times it don't.
21/07/2018 23:52Posted by Niayra
And that's the most cow-excrement (go ahead and guess the original word) answer I could possibly think of. People got 90+ years old before your veggie-crap diet and guess what, those guys actually fought in and won/lost wars, unlike "Generation hold-your-hand" that breaks when a bug is run down.

I don't think the person asked to live for a hundred years. The asked how to cope better with a state of mind. Yes, a healthy life style does help. Those people you talk about got to old age because they did it exactly that and they did do a lot of exercise, it's just that in their age it was happening naturally, while now you have to make efforts for it.

@OP - I used wow for the same reason, and I am still - to some extent - using it. It only works in small doses. Once you overdo it with video games, they feed on your energy and make you feel even worse, especially if you play alone all the time. Going outside is a must, spending time with people - even if you don't feel like it - is a must, making friends is a must. There is no cure for it, it's just ups and downs, and constant struggle to keep the up periods longer than the down ones.
Never take any medication without medical advise, and even then, you might want to ask two - I've had wrong treatments prescribed to me before. I personally don't trust anti-depressants and stay away from them, perhaps they work in some cases, I prefer my brain to do what it has to do but all people are different and different things work for them.
I also use WoW to help with my ADD, but if I overdo it, it has the opposite effect, so it's a matter of keeping balance.

The most important thing is to find a good therapist that will tailor the therapy to you. To some people, medication is godsend, for some it doesn't help, has a lot of side effects and CBT is better. That's why it's important to find a good psychotherapist that will understand your needs.

I understand all the good natured advices about eating healthy and going out, but it's something that helps on the side when you've already gotten better. Sometimes it even hurts because it suggests that the problem is in that you're lazy and that you should just try harder, which is not true at all.
Not sure if its the right forum but i wanna try it,

Im suffering from an anxiety disorder + depression.

My question is : How do i cope with a depression caused by an anxiety disorder apart from only play WoW?

I have had a long struggle with Anxiety and Depression, and i can tell you what helped me, which won't necessarily help you, so take it with a grain of salt i guess?

Anyways, i fought my social anxiety with Rubik's cubes and cardistry - simply just letting my mind be filled with anything but the people around me.
And slowly i learned not to give a !@#$ about other people.
Improving my times on those cubes and or getting better at stuff in general helped me to realize that i am ok, i'm not just horrible at everything, I can become good at stuff.
I started to feel A LOT happier about myself and i started living by a few rules.
Always go into something new with a good mindset, always smile and say "%^-* it, we gonna do it and we gonna enjoy it!"
and always smile as soon as you wake up. A good morning routine is probably one of the best things to help your days become that little bit brighter.
This might Sound stupid.
When i was struggling with life, i started Going to the gym. The friends i made there all have been througj something.
And the gym dies not require You to run and be social, But If You keep Going You could make new friends and new people.

Maybe even get into a sport that Way. All i Can say it really helped me beat alot lf things.
Oh and If You need more friends in game just to talk or chill with feel free to add me!
I'm more than happy to reach out here and let you know how I coped when I went through some tough times.

Make an appoint ent with your doctor if you haven't already, you need to be as clear as you can with him/her about what exactly you're feeling. Make a weekly or daily plan, include gentle exercise like swimming if you can, exercise will introduce natural endorphins and will also help you get a good night's rest. By all means play an MMO but don't over play, it will skew your outlook and in the end will counter your long term mindset if you play too much.

Speak to family and confide in a close friend. If you ha e someone to turn to when you feel lower then a 2 minute conversation with a non judgemental friend will bolster you. Try hard to eat healthily, don't turn into a carrot overnight but a balanced diet with no junk fast food will sure help your body feel better and that in turn will improve your mindset. Try not to put yourself in any stressful situations before you are feeling better, confrontation and the like will not do any good until you can cope.

I hope you turn the corner soon or at least become more settled, don't worry it won't always feel like this, it will get better.
Having an anxiety disorder myself, I can say that what you need is therapy.
In hindsight, I've been having it since my early childhood (thanks mom) and only got therapy 2 years ago, and though I'm not out of the woods yet - it helped me immensely.

Games can be a good place to hide and recuperate from the stress, but it causes problems of it's own. Like you say, it's not working anymore, and it can also cause stress. And when your comfort zone isn't giving you comfort anymore... that's a problem. I've been losing myself in books and games for decades, but it's all short-term solutions that really don't solve the core problem. I know that you know this, but what else can you do, right? Feeling safe is one of the basic needs of any human - and asking for help will also trigger that anxiety initially, but it will help you in the end. There IS help for you, if you can find the courage to look for it.

Therapy can help you prevent situations in which your anxiety would flare up and cause panic. I've been able to do things I haven't done in decades, it took some effort, but I did it and it feels great- I'm pretty sure you can to. Getting that feeling of getting grip on things may well rid you of that depression. You may not beat it completely, but at least you'll get tools to handle yourself in certain situations.

So go to your doctor, cry your heart out and let yourself be helped by a therapist you feel good with. It's not a shameful thing to do, it's your life and you get only one - whatever makes things work for you, is alright - no one gets to judge you for wanting to solve your problems and make your life better.

I wish you all the best and good luck with whatever you plan to do. Just remember, you're not the only one.
I think you might be lacking that human interaction but let depression and anxiety get in the way of that in real life so you resort to WoW for this. The best thing to do is get out of your comfort zone and get out there. Even if its a little convo with the local person at the store as a start.

I also suffer from depression and struggle with going out but once I do I really enjoy human interaction. We are all equal and unique in some way. So don't miss out on such an amazing world outside.
Excuses if this will sound a bit wrong or something. English isnt my native. By this post i dont try to heal anyone as im not the doctor but commoon human. its just an information how i got out of own problems.

I had this for over 7 years - depressions and different variations of panic attacks (that were caused by real accident). It started from one fear and grew into whole bouquet of fears. They didnt allow me neither to work nor to live. One day i could not stay at home because of one fear and next day i couldnt force myself go out because of another. I started eat only special food and was afraid to contact to people.
I tried to visit doctors and even had therapy with them + pills. Still i didnt like effect - it was only untill i use pills and killed my positive emotions and memory as well. There was no progress. Just pushing down the current state.

The way how i dealt with this ... I was in another country at that point so i didnt have any support of doctors (and only few people around me knew english). Ofc i took all my pills with me when went to this country and of course i was using them how doctor told me! And then something happened in one autumn day. I was VERY annoyed by splitting pills, by own worthless state and constant scares, by inability to do a step without having pills in my bag and was sad that i cant get out of this trap in my life. I became very mad at myself. I was raging! This was almost like you want to tear the iron cage around you apart. I was rushing on things around. And after I had an inner talk to myself where i stated that i will not take any single part of those pills. Never again! (i dropped them to the garbage where kids and anyone else couldnt find them). I so much wanted to be free form this whole trouble that i didnt even have that feeling when people suddenly drop pills. My brain was too busy thinking that "I want to be healthy"!
It was hard first 4 days. fears covered my poor head every evening and few time at the day. But only thought and imagining how i will be free from this bs, how this whole side will disappear from my life made me stop afraid of anything. I felt invinicible to all madness because i wanted to be normal like all people. It was just a big big wish.
I came back to my country after 2 weeks. And i counted myself as totally healthy human. Since then i never ever had any panic attack. Depressions were close in some hard periods of my life but i forced myself to move, stop sit, work and do everything to occupy my brain and solve the trouble that causes depression crawl to me.

Still i have some rules that i follow after that even now. (passed 10 years)
1 i dont ever drink alcohol and dont smoke. at all. even on holidays. this anyway will be hit to nerve system. (tbh the reason why i stopped was simple - i started hate this smell at some point as i didnt drink when i started rebuild myself and after i understood how it smells actually to me)
2 i never go to bed past 11.30 pm. Better even 11 for me. Also i switch off computer 20 minutes before sleep.
3 i do not eat any fast food and avoid eating 1 hour before sleep. full stomach may cause nightmares and trouble for nerve system.
4 every day i do pulls-ups. a lot. same about push=ups form the floor (sorry if i didnt explain well eng isnt my native))
5 i always use every moment to go to the nature. Doesnt matter if it will be forest, field or river. As many human i dont like people and generally would be happy to be left alone.
By this point i mean that i walk and move a lot. Just it happenes there where people wont annoy.
6 i try to never think of something that didnt happen. (It can be hard and if the thoughts spinning in my head, the attempt to imagine the most bad end always helpes me as every situation has the way out.)
7 i never watch any horror films and anything that may cause any negative emotions or bring phylosophy about death.
8 i still keep this raging core in myself emotionally - i want to be healthy - if i feel something hits my defence sistem in any way i begin to burn this core.

Sorry that long and hope you will deal with your troubles! I wish you FORCE to defeat it.
I just wanna point out this is a necro thread.
people will depressions exist in any times and may be other people will find something usefull here instead of thinking to make new thread that will cause sh*tstorm on them)

it was only one month ago.
Listen to some good music that would inspire you and make you stronger. I've always felt much better after listening to Evanescence song.

And go to a psychotherapist. It's the major thing you have to do. Nothing else will help you.

+ I heard yoga really helps with the stress.
21/07/2018 22:08Posted by Reladda
Not sure if its the right forum but i wanna try it,

Im suffering from an anxiety disorder + depression,

I play WoW for a couple of years now to get a bit of 'relieve' from the stress it all causes. But as time passes i feel WoW doesnt help me that much anymore since i dont have any friends with me that wanna play this game or either are trolls or just kids that think this illness is a joke.

My question is : How do i cope with a depression caused by an anxiety disorder apart from only play WoW?

Find a good shrink, face your demons And force yourself out of the comfort-zone.
Over time it will ease the anxiety/depression And make life bareable.

I still struggle, but I managed to get to a point where it doesnt affect me too mutch.

And take walk every other day, helped alot
Depression can come from so many things, it's impossible to just gamble by one post on the forums, and can therefore do more harm than good.

Like a lot of people rightfully stated: get professional help. Because you need to know what causes the depression first and foremost.

It could be mentally/trauma related, of course, but also physically related. You could go all the way through hell and back just for lacking a hormone. Your mental state influences your body, but your body can also influence your mental state, that's why you see so many different advises here.

So it's really important to know why you are depressed exactly, where the source is of the problem that causes all the other problems.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
in my experience depression and other phenomena stems from comparation with who you are and what you want, or comparing to other people what they have and you dont . it does not help that we put more basis on negative aspects of yourself.

to combat depression and anxiety there are a lot of ways but the best you can do is stop playing vidia and stop watching movies and other media as it disasociates your emotive connections; meditation, hobbies reinforce your connection to self and it allows you to be in the now. (also psylocibin is known to cure depression if you use 2g of shrooms once every 30 days until you think you dont need it anymore)

ssri and other pills are poison to you and all they do is mask the problem with artificial/syntetic components and will never cure you.

Also it helps a lot if you have an understanding that this life is very similar to almost all MMO games and when you die its not game over as your consciousness is eternal. (consciousness is also as physical as matter even though it was separated with religion)

also your inner world tends to attract the outter reality so having a peace of mind will manifest outwardly.

there is a lot to understand, there is a lot that is not thought in schools or shown in media, but trust me: if you meditate and get to know yourself in a sincere way, you will get answers to almost any problem you might think you have

you are always at the right place at the right time.

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