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Hello! Okay so after having to work around and figure out what was actually causing the game to not show me dx12 option under grapichs api ingame.

The reason was that reshade forced the game into dx11 as it does not support dx12.

steps to solve dx12 not showing.

1. Make sure your grapich card even support dx12. Some older architectures doesn't have dx12 support and therefor it is not showing up.

2. Update your grapich card drivers. This will in most cases ensure that you are running the most optimal setup. Even if the latest drivers doesn't show any changes for world of warcraft, just general support will enhance the dx12 experience and make it a option to select ingame.

3. This was the option that solved my problem. If you have reshade, most likely that is what causing dx12 to not show up ingame. It is blocking any input to the game for dx12 as reshade does not support it. Just dragging reshade files out of world of warcraft, and starting the game made dx12 show up for me. When i put them back on, dx12 was not showing again.
Bonus tip for nvidia users:
There will be a high percentage of nvidia users that will experience performance losses and huge stuttering and lag issues when swapping to dx12. This is something that we can not influence on and is totally up to blizzard to optimize around the new api. New nvidia drivers could fix this.

Bonus tip for gsync users (like me):
Gsync in windowed fullscreen mode is bugged since windows 10 1803 update. This is a known issue at nvidia and they are trying to fix it. Rumors have begun to spread, saying that new nvidia drivers will release later this month with fixed support for gsync on windowed fullscreen mode. Again, nothing we can do. All we can do at this point is to wait for the new optimization at Blizzard and Nvidia side.

Thanks for reading, any further tips on how to fix this problem, post in comments.
I dont have those,

Using gt750m and still don't see directx 12
750 doesn't use directx 12 thats the reason Wow don't detect it as a API.
Plus directx 12 is buggy as hell on when you play WOW. So stick with directx 11 until they fixed the directx 12 issues.

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