Warbringers: Jaina

Just wanted to say it's awesome. Well done, Blizz!
There among War3 Frozen Throne ending and Wotlk intro. So happy they gave some real depth for my favourite character (and the forgotten armada of Kul'Tiras).
Yeah it's awesome. I've never been a lorehead but this video and song intrigued me so much I had to find out details from Admiral Proudmoore and Jaina.

Really well done, IMO these bring a new a little layer of depth to the game and franchise as a whole! I wish the other warbringers have songs in them
Loved it too. Can't wait for the other two though with this one being so good I hope they can live up to the challenge.
That was awesome!
It was awesome
loved the song.
stunning piece of work

Blizz are masters of short animations, they could easily make a superb series if they wanted to and to a far higher standard than the meh warcraft film
I saw it and i almost puked, im so sick and tired of alliance being portrait like some goodie little girly realm.... i want to see Jaine rip the horde to pieces and its time the alliance gave the horde some massive beating and they get to put on some shields and we slam them with mighty 2h hammers.

The song had nice irish pub music sound. I hope we get to hear more like it at inns on Kul Tiras.

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