Serpentis 8/8HC 4/8 Mythic Looking for DPS!

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Hi all,

We at Serpentis are looking for more members to come and join us in BfA.

Serpentis was started when a couple of our members/officers broke away from another guild to pursue high M+ and high Mythic raiding. Currently in Legion in 2 weeks we got the guild to 5/11m before finding it hard to find more members to help push on further. Since then the guild had a break but still retained a fair amount of raiders going into BfA.

So, what are we looking for in a raider?

We are looking for someone who is willing to help the raid team out, give suggestions and help others outside of raid with their personal performance and what they could improve on. Someone who is also positive and not an !@#-hole, we don't have time for people to be $%^-holes here.

Someone with high attendance to the raid days/times and be on time for raids. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start.

Making sure the M+ cache is done each week for the free gear! Who doesn't love free gear?!

Know your class well enough to play at a Mythic level. We want to get through HC raids as fast as we can so that we can get onto Mythic and get bosses down asap.

To have Discord ready prior to raid and suitable raid add-ons.

What can you get from us?

Banter - There is one thing that we love in this guild and that's being a community and having banter between all of us. However this will be kept to a minimum during raid as the raid itself will take priority.

Boss kills and good progression - Like I said previously, we want to get through HC as fast as we can to get Mythic progression started asap.

There are people currently running M+ in the guild currently in Legion, so there will almost always be M+ groups running or looking for people to run.

The officers will be happy to help in any way we can to help you settle in or help with an issue, whether it be raid tactics or issues within the guild.

The foresight for the future in BfA would be that we are running a stable raid team which will raid 2 days a week Wednesday/Thursday 20:00 to 23:00 Server Time.

Currently we are still looking for:



We have a very short form on our website which we ask you to fill. An officer will then arrange a chat with you on our Discord server. Please apply at > <

Any questions feel free to contact any of the officers if they're online;

Hopefully we are appealing to you amongst the many guilds currently recruiting for BfA and hope that we see you in the guild ranks and future raids!
There wasn't an application so i'll just post.

Name: Chebberz
Class: Rogue
Spec: Assassination

About me: I'm 26 years old, from the UK. I'm a mature, non salty player. This is a new account so i have zero progress data, I'm coming back from a long break because BFA looks amazing, I'm punctual when raiding and always learn how to play the class i'm playing to it's full capabilities. I should say, I'm a mature player but can also join in on the banter ;)

Edit: The character i'm posting with isn't the one I will be using, For some reason it won't let me select my Rogue.
Another edit: Just saw the application website, Derp :D
Hey I submitted an application on your website.

I stopped raiding late Jan at 3/11 (M), I'm mainly Resto spec, and I raided EN/ToS/Antorus in legion. /w if you're interested :)

currently 335ilv in BFA.
Hi Spazze, have added you on If I don't catch you through I'll try and get you in game :>
Hello, I raided hc / some myth prog back in TOS in legion. And i'd like to raid in bfa as well. I just finished leveling my second char to 120 and i intend on maining a MW Monk. I will get it to 350 ish in time for raids. If you guys are still looking for one please do pm me ingame :)
Hi Alanaia, we've just taken on a MW Monk so unfortunately we aren't recruiting one as of right now.
Currently we are looking for:

1x Hunter
1x Ele Sham
1x DPS Monk
1x Healer - Sham/Pally

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