Spell Queue seems very inconsistent

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Spell Queue for me and a lot of people I know seems to be only working about 1/15 times. Most people with very good latency will probably not have noticed this however due to my location I play with about 150ms so spell queuing is pretty important

Example Scenario:

  • I cast icelance, the edge of the spell lights up indicating client-side has received the command
  • As expected, after ~150ms the spell goes off
  • 400ms before the gcd (caused by the first icelance) finishes, I press Icelance again, queuing the spell up (again, the border of the spell icon lights up indicating client-side recognition of the action)
  • Because my spell queue window is 400ms and my latency is 150ms, I expect the second icelance to fire the instant the gcd ends - it does not.
  • 150ms after the gcd ends, my second icelance goes off, as if the queue was not processed correctly

Importantly, this only seems to be a problem when a spell is queued during the GCD. If a spell is queued up after the gcd of a previous spell has finished (relevant to hard-casted abilities with cast times), the second spell is instantly recognized by the server once the first spell has finished casting.

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