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The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade

<Drastic Measures> is currently a small guild on The Maelstrom, we are a group of friends who have been playing together for the last couple of expansions.
We all have a strong past track record of raiding from a various number of guilds from the servers Outland and Twilight's Hammer, however in more recent years we have decided to take a more casual approach to the game. We like to hang out with each other and we play a wide variety of games outside of World of Warcraft.

With Battle for Azeroth at our doorstep we are looking to get back into more organized raiding and are therefore looking for people to fill out our ranks.

What we can offer you:
- Experience and good leadership.
- A friendly guild who wants to progress in Battle of Azeroth in a solid pace.
- Focused and good raiding with 19 like-minded players.
- The possibility to make new friends

What we want from you:
- Being able to play your class well.
- Be friendly and sociable with the other guild members, not only turning up for raids and then logging off till the next one.

If this sounds at all interesting or if you have any questions feel free to contact me either here or in game (Battle tag: Zwesil#2751), you can also contact any of our members in game if you want to have a chat.

Best regards,

Drastic Measures
We could use more DPS and healers.
Hi, are you still looking for healers? I'll contact you in-game if I can.
Do you need a rshaman??
What is your raid time?
Bye :)

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