I liked how classes played in MoP the most.

Fight me.

Rotations were fluid
Specs had their fantasy built well
There were plenty of spells for all kinds of scenarios which emphasized how good you were at your class (warlocks aoe dispelling as an example, windwalkers shooting projectiles to reveal enemies in stealth)
The idea of some classes having spec-specific resource pools was great (demonic power, soul shards, embers)

Worst things in the expansion were class balance, PvP power and the inflated numbers, rest was great.

If it doesn't show I'm a little biased towards warlocks.
I liked MoP class design as well. The only thing I disliked (although not as much as i dislike them in BFA or legion) were the talent trees. I really liked the fact that when you leveled up pre-cata (I think?) there was always something you could pick from your talent tree which was rewarding even though it mostly was boring passives.
If bliz wouldn't have changed classes since MoP it'd be accused of being lazy and not changing things enough. That'd be new.
Yes, agreed.
WotLK for me. Combat/assa hybrid and demo/destro hybrid. That was the time when you could get really creative.

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