Why did not Alliance evacute Teldrassil preventively?

Forsaken Mages > Night Elf Mages. Or maybe Sylvanas started evacuating earlier. Or maybe the udead population is much smaller. Or maybe the plot demands it so it happens.
A Good War states that Sylvanas expected the night elves to be already evacuating the tree, since they knew they couldn't win well before the actual burning.
So I guess simple negligence. Starting days ahead they could have easily suffered no civilian losses at all.
12/08/2018 12:10Posted by Artein
Or maybe the plot demands it so it happens.

Everything in BfA has to bow down to the plot like logic and consistency.
Evacuating most of the population in Teldrassil would take time. Evidently the narrative tells us there was not enough time for the Night Elves to get everyone out.
Maybe some people just did not want to evacuate ? They are an ancient culture on an tree which was blessed by the dragon aspects. And some Bavarians try conquer it. Doesn’t seem like a reason to give up your home and country.
In the stories they started the evacuation way before it happens in campaign. The portals were used only as the last resort. Before they were waiting for their fleet to arrive. From the point when the NE fleet reached Teldrassil, the battle was over in only a few days. So those players are trying to save in the Alliance version of the scenario are the civilians who didn't get the chance and didn't reach the portals in time.

Also Tyrande was in Stormwind, so that probably made things more hectic.

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