[A] Few friends looking for a new home!

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Couple of friends are looking for a new home.

due to irl commitments and work, we're not looking for anything hardcore. Just 2-3 times a week raiding with people who don't take themselves seriously.

The classes we play so far...

Disc Priest
Warrior or Priest (he cant make his mind up) :P

any questions, feel free to ask!
DK and DH can tank also
Hello wanted to contact you but forums are acting crazy.

Hello we are a semi hardcore guild that raids Mon and Wed from 2:30 to 23:30 server with an extra day for m+, islands and warfronts on friday and we are recruiting new people for our raid team. If you are interested contact me for more information, or you can fill this form https://goo.gl/forms/8Ng9nG3Im0as3fxf2.

Have a nice day and hope we will be in touch soon.
Hello there :)

The Highland Warriors are looking for more players to join our guild. We're are a thirteen year old guild, which is an achievement in itself - almost as old as the Hills(brad) ;) We’d likely describe ourselves as a casual raiding guild, but this doesn’t really do us justice – we’re not just about raiding and we’re more than the sum of our raiding parts: we’re a friendly community of like-minded players, over the age of 18 (Some just about, but most a significant amount of time since!)

You could say that we’re an old fashioned guild with old fashioned values.


If you look at our raid progress, we're 11/11 HC Throne - achieved with a largely 10 (wo)man: we're a plucky bunch, looking for kindred spirits!

As a casual raid guild, we run weekly raids across two nights: raid times are normally 21:00 – 23.30 server time on a Wednesday & Sunday. It’s not essential you sign to every raid as a raider, so when you're ready to raid, you can sign when you know you'll be available.

Not Raiding

When we're not seeking vengeance on the denizens of our current raiding tier, we mythic; we heroic; we world quest; some pvp; some achievement farm; some level their 874586th alt … Whatever you’re into, there's someone who'll be into it too. Except gnomes, no one needs to be into that.

What next?

Like what you've read?

Head over to our website and forums - http://hs.highlandwarriorsguild.com/index.php

Have a poke around and find out more about who we are: join our shoutbox, read up on our guild rules and see if we fit with your idea of what you're looking for.

You can also add me Elysah#2509 for a chat :)

Look forward to meeting you soon :)
My guild is One Last Breath on Thunderhorn.
We would love to offer you and your friends a chill place to hang out.
Our last guild fell apart so we formed this one just a few weeks ago and already have full calendar and some really fab peeps in the roster.
We raid thurs/sat 9pm server time and chat on discord for tactics.
Please feel free to message me or any of the officers Baelfyre, Enlai, Catnis, Sonko for invite if our little guild sounds like home to you.
Best of luck, Foxy

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