WTS Extremely Rare Unobtainables

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
It's a long shot, but I have two rare items that I'd like to sell on this realm.
I can guarantee that neither have started dropping again with the recent patch, as the only sources for these items were removed with the release of Cataclysm.

IMPORTANT: I'm looking to sell these at a discounted price. I will turn down shameful offers, but I am willing to strike a deal.

1st Item: Hollowfang Blade (http://www.wowhead.com/item=2020/hollowfang-blade)
Median price on EU for these have been around 2 mil in 2018, last two were priced at 4 mil. There are currently none on the auctions house regionwide.

2nd item: Defias Rapier (http://www.wowhead.com/item=1925/defias-rapier)

As of this post there are 11 on the auction house region wide, median price being around 2 mil.

So far the best offer I have gotten has been 600k, which was a fair offer since the guy would have to transfer server here, pay me the gold, and transfer the items back to his own realm, but not enough dough for me to part ways with em.

I currently have the items up on the auction house ONLY for visibility.

If you'd like to make a potential deal, hit me up. You can either send me an ingame mail (Didgedelik-Auchindoun), or add my battletag: Didgedelik#21522
Bump, still for sale.

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