How many did you get out?

I got 61. Put out a load of fires, flight form is a beast.
Could we have Horde version where we set them on fire 0/1200

Oh wait..
The fact that you have to put out fire > go talk to one of the npcs > tell them to run = just made me go .. ehhh

and wtf 3 min to save 982 ? XD
I saved 2 nightelves and 1 ancient before I decided to check if there is something cool or suspiciously corrupted in the area. Turned out there was nothing...poor nightelves that I could have saved :D
I saved around 55 - 60 people iirc.

01/08/2018 19:32Posted by Shíroyasha
and wtf 3 min to save 982 ? XD

I liked that. It shows how bad the situation is, and that even we, the heroes of Azeroth, could only save a handful.
When i did it on my ally mage, i saved the only gnome i could find and let all the rest die.
70 the first time, 0 on my alts
I got about 50 on the first go. Tried it a second time on my Priest and got a lot fewer because I kept running into bugs where I couldn't interact with them, very annoying.
Shadowmelded in the corner and waited for the timer to run out

So uh, 1. GG.
01/08/2018 19:32Posted by Shíroyasha
and wtf 3 min to save 982 ?

I loved that part, the only decent quest so far on the Alliance side. Hits home how saving everyone is impossible and that many will die, by making it virtually impossible.
On my human paladin, I saved 2, then thought I should let them all die, because my heart lies witht he horde.

For some reason I had never completed a low level quest about getting silk from a spider in Teldrassil to aid with healing. In my haste I picked it up and thought it was part of the current quests, continously trying to fly out of Darnassus and into the forest for the spider only to get ported back in..
So yeah, not alot of saved lives from me.
0, becauss I had a choice not to. Was cool. And I hope all the high elves were there too so you can stop request them as playable :)
Dont save any let all the Alliance have a painful death ^^
I went afk and didn't even know for a while what it was about xD Just got a quest complete prompt when i returned to my pc and was "oh cool".
I saved myself only since i did this in beta and knowing its impossible so why even bother?
Think I got about 20! Quite an eye opening quest though, made me feel sad inside :(
None, they looked so warm and comfy, would have been rude of me.
None. I logged in, couldn't motivate myself to go there and logged out again.
1, probably did something wrong?

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