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Hey fellow community!

As of right now, I have no idea what to main in BFA.

Legion has existed of playing my DK about 90% of the time, just having every other char as an alt. I felt DK in legion was a proper choice for me, running alot of m+, having really nice DPS & tank spec, being able to maintain a raid spot without any issue.

Now in BFA I'm not so sure though. A part of my just wants to play what seems to be the best dps-wise. One part of me wants to be flexible and play a class that can both tank and dps.
Now the REAL question.

Any ideas? I know it's hard to say right now but I'll start off BFA by leveling 4 chars atleast, so I have a bit of flexibility and choices.

Currently thinking warrior, rogue, DK & last one is either Paladin or DH. Any ideas?
Every class would be good at some point of the expansion.. so relax and play with your favorite character :)
If like dk, stick with that. Warrior is very fun tho. I also as m a big fan of all 3 monk specs. Maybe try healing out?
Asked myself the same question. Came back to wow after lots of years of abstinence playing frequently (since wotlk) to legion.
Mained a dh at start, then switched to a warrior, then switched to a mage and constantly played different alts. Nothing hooked me. At all.

For Bfa I really want to have a main for raiding, m+ and stuff.

Tested next to all chars and Speccs on Beta to help me decide. In the end I just told myself to grab a hero that can switch to dps, tank and heal for full flexibility.
So it was between monk, Pala and druid.

I dislike how druids play as tank and melee so they were gone.

I have chosen my monk. For me every specc of the monk is more fun to play compared to the equivalent of the paladin. Tested both rotations fully and the high paste and mobility of the monk as well as the stagger mechanic of the bm made the decision.
DK is solid in BfA even with all the nerfs. Blood is the best tank for M+ alongside with Vengeance DH and unholy is in a solid spot as well. Both are solid for raiding. Besides, tuning happens all the time so it's unpredictable what class will pull ahead the most based on beta.
I waited first Blizz make reputations as accout-wide when I can change class main.

<--- long locked hunter
Orc rogue or troll mage, either has 3 dps spec, and one of them is bound to be good at any time.
Go rogue and you would own.
the thing I may add is that I found most specs equally fun right now!
Thanks for the answers though.

And yeah, numbers will definately be tuned but lvling 3 solid chars and 1 underdog is probably the way to go
Go rogue or druid, safe bet, these classes will be top tier for at least 80% of the whole exp as always
For me it comes down to: "If you could only ever play 1 class in WoW for the rest of your days, which would it be?" and after much umming and aahing, I came to the conclusion of Paladin. Find the right one for you.
Paladin is a solid choice. Can tank, can heal, can dps and is solid in pvp as well.

I will retire from raiding and in BFA will start shaman, then unlock maghar and level hunter for their heritage. Will main BM for pvp with maybe shaman and pala for healing alts. BM because its 3 buttons simple and I am gonna chill all exp casually grinding honor and kills :)
I'm probably a masochist, because I intend to keep playing ele.
Yes, yes you are. And i like that.
Monk all spec is very fun to play
Dh is also fun
Pally dps and tank are best

I would only play them 3 toons if profs was not about
I like profs so i lvl every toon and have max prof for gold :D
Monk, for sure!
rolewise, i'd say pala/druid's the best
Probably an upopular opinion but if performance is the most important to you just play what you usually main to max-level and reroll as soon as the class sims comes out. I have never felt more disjointed by the class-design in WoW, which makes me also somewhat believe that classes matter less and less because they really aren't as fun or complex anymore. If you're looking for something fun to play and dont care about performance I'd recommend fury warrior or warlock as they've had the biggest changes and have had the best feedback.

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