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Erah's cowl perks up after hearing one of the tales of the flowerpicker clan from the orc. he would then rush to the void elf side.

"I, too have heard many tales about this famed flowerpicker clan, lowly void elf. one tale goes that the chieftain of the famed flowerpicker clan challenged five Ogrons, and defeated them all single handedly with one Starflower. another tale also tells, that this same chieftain challenge the four primordial elements of Draenor and defeated them with the same Starflower. and that to this day in respect of his daring challenge. the four elements buried this chieftain's body under the throne of the elements. now rumors of this clan varies but one thing they all have incommon that this clan were fierce warriors, who wielded phenomenal powers."
Laugh and point out that he calling anyone else lowly is cute.

Add that she has not heard much from said clan but add that the small that she has heard is entirely different from what the shaman says.
Hit her over the head with a fluffy feather pillow!

Then challenge her to a dance off!

(Nakitaa is still sugar-rushing hard from all the Hallow's End candy.)
Clap excitedly from a distance while sitting on the air.

"How lovely! A dance contest? you must let me judge it, I shall do my very best to fair in the matter."

Offering Nakitaa an overly sweet smile before writing down some notes.

"I will say this however.. leg twitching won't get you very far, it looks like your trying to stomp a hole in the ground rather then dance.."
Shrug at her.

"I got two left hooves..."
Regale him with the story about the time she tried to shapeshift into a deer, and inadvertently ended up with four left hooves.

"... an' believe me mon, y'tink two left 'ooves be bad, jus' imagine four a' dem!"
Loudly shudder, and grumble with discomfort. Ask if it happens often and what other limps get transform wrong.

Instantly make a face at his own questions, and overrides any possible answer with exclamations of not wanting to know!
Tell the Dwarf that druid transformation mishaps are nothing compared to fel transformation mishaps, and how they are not merely limited to cool horns and wings!
Sarcastily say that fel transformations are nothing compared to being killed and brought back to life.
Snidely remark that being killed and brought back to life is nothing compared to listening to a bunch of idiots try to one up eachother's trauma.
Rub his little elf head, half-sympathetically and half-patronisingly
Express out loud of her uncertainty whether the orc before her is a Legion soldier or just has absorbed that much fel to be confused with one.
Give her a cheery wave and offer her a part of the pear Nakitaa happens to be slicing.
Take a slice, and comment on the flavor and texture of the fruit before offering her some apple pie.
"learned recipe from human, give honest thoughts."

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