Legacy Loot Bug

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1. Go solo into a low-level dungeon, kill a boss that gives out loot via a chest, not by looting the dead boss itself.

Outcome: The loot from the chest does not obey legacy loot rules. It only drops gear for the class (possibly spec, I didn't test that) that you brought.
Expected Outcome: The loot respects legacy loot rules.

Aka'mai (BFD)
The Seven (BRD)
Tribunal of Ages (Halls of Stone)
The chest after defeating Escape From Arthas (Halls of Reflection) seems also to be affected
Report your bugs in game where dev actually read it.
If you have come across a bug then it should be reported in game so that it gets to the right department.

Please remember that the in-game bug report is not a ticket, you'll not receive a response to your report but it will be investigated and passed on, or the information you provide will be added to the existing investigation. Bug investigations and fixes are something which can take time, so, if you don't see your problem solved immediately this does not mean it has gone unnoticed or ignored.

So please submit your bug in-game and we can have it looked into.

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