Battlenet app constantly updating.

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Hello, since the new patch i'm having a rather annoying issue with Battlenet. Everytime I start up battlenet, it forces me to update, even though I have actually already done this. When I try to switch to my second account, it forces me to update once more. I have tried scan and repair, deleting files and also reinstaling the battlenet app. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Lol I just posted yesterday about the same exact issue. Check out the topic "Always a new update even though there isn't really". Sadly, no one seems to be responding on this.
I have this issue aswell and was just about to post about it. I guess I'll add my voice to this thread instead.
Hey guys. I'll lock this thread as I replied to Always a new update even though there isn't really and it would be good to keep this all on one thread.

If the suggestion there doesn't work just reply on there.

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