How many alts people have on average?

every class twice for horde and alliance
2 of each Alliance and Horde

Healer each and DPS
I almost have all classes at max level but i really only play 2 per expansion.
Maybeeee if i don’t have anything lined up (RL) i will go for a third but mostly i’m focusing on 2 characters
14 capped chars.
Max characters across 10 servers. Had to delete some at start of last XP as we can only have 50 chars.
Only about 15-20 at max level - 110.
I have been playing since 2004 though :p
2 i play a lot and 3 more at 110 that just kinda exist + spot levelling of maybe 9-10 others.
50, but most of them are just name placeholders in case I want to be on that server.

Although I only ever play 6 of my 7 110's. Got a few others stuck in the levelling process or got left behind after an expansion, that I can't bring myself to finish off.
My routine goes the same every expansion:

DK to level cap, Hunter to level cap, about half way through the xpac I level another 2 or 3 characters (Normally Mage, Druid, Paladin).
Then at the end of the expac I level the rest of my characters on my server (one of each class) and one Horde DK.

Plus I have a server of alts all with stopped xp at different levels (60s, 70s, 80s etc). But these dont really get played on.
Maining this Shaman ...

Alts at 110 with 200-220ilvl around 11
Alts at 110 with up to 200ilvl 11
Alts at 100+ around 15-20
Alts at 80+ around max 7 ish

Usually I level all classes to max and depends if I do raids get them to decent(ish) ilvl, level all proffs to max and grind reps to max with 1 ...

That being said, doubt Ill do that in BfA, this leveling system Im not sure if I want to lvl more then 3-4 max, Shaman, Hunter, Deathknight perhaps Warlock not sure yet, have to see, BfA is not giving me a real good feel as of late.
I have 5 lvl 110, most of them were boosted and I've never played them after that.
Between current EU and now abandoned US accounts, about 30 characters over level 100.

But, what I learned from Legion is, no more alts for me (Maybe one - tops).

Professions are worthless now / difficult to max; And if Azerite Armor / Traits are anything like the artifacts, it would be simply too time consuming, even on a single character.

This is probably the last character I level from 1 or 20.
I always keep an outlaw rogue with up to date gathering professions to feed Val and for lockboxes and for handling the AH side of things. She gets some gear too (lfr or similar).

The rest of my vault is toons who farm old conent for (weekly) mounts and such. They run around in up to date looms and got leveled in Legion solely thru invasions. Currently I've a bunch of frost dk's and a few shamen. Should prolly go all DK's for simplicitys sake.
I use all my 110 level alts, almost every day. I have 5 at 110, one at 108 (soon to be 110) and around 6 at around 40 that I am planning on leveling soon enough (even though I hate how slow leveling has become).
I have plenty. Lowest level of them is level 46 and over a dozen at max level.

I have an ALTOholic friendly community:
I'm an altaholic.

Each expansion I'm playing 2-3 characters. However at max level I currently have 15 characters.

In BfA I'll be playing at least 2. Will see horde stuff on my troll druid, alliance stuff most likely on my gnome mage.
I have had a full house of 50 for years. I just delete one when I start a new character which is a shame, but hey you get way more chars here than any other game.
I don't know. I usually level around 7-9 different classes to max level every expansion, but I've had a goal of getting all classes to max level all the way back to TBC days. I just can't do it.

This expansion I've been playing so many of my alts that I can't really count, but there's 9 at max level(8 different classes). I also play mutiple of the same class. I am not a fan of spesific classes at all, so it's a struggle to level them(Warrior, DK, DH, Rogue, Monk). In other words I tend to pick a class I already have.

But yeah, how many I've played I am not sure... I just know it's quite a lot of them.
05/08/2018 20:49Posted by Lekro
These numbers are pretty impressive, I didn't expect them. I made a Druid meanwhile so it is going to be 2 alts for me (this is the most I ever had).

Druid > everything:D

Also i have maybe 4 or 5 alts but I enjoy playing them so they verge into mains a bit.

Druid Hunter Shaman Priest Mage are the preferred classes.

Close to unlocking void elves so need to pick a class for that new toon.
Too many. MoP world bosses added me on friends list to see when I'm online...
My 1 dk, and my 6 other dks. I just like... Dks :D

Jokes aside. normally 'play' my 1 DK, my druid and my hunter. But with M+ system I somehow found myself with 6 decently geared alts. Sometimes did alt hc raids with those too. I get easily bored of one character, so I need some variations. I have all classes maxed on both factions and some double. I normally utilize my 'army' for benefits. No slackery among my alts. Legion made levelling a breeze.

In legion I geared my alts mainly with excuse of mage-tower. Who knows what excuse I find in bfA for them.

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