Date the poster above you<3

Argent Dawn
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No. You strike me as a ruffian.
Its kinda like if you were Japanese and I was Chinese. Dating someone from the other side.
Now here's a pick! What a wonderful sight for sore eyes! We could do a bit of exploring, a bit of fine food and drinks, then move to other fine things! Isn't it a good day to be alive?
I may be into exotic things...

But not that exotic!
Is a mighty gnome exotic enough?
wink wink
16/08/2018 09:11Posted by Veshj

....You make me sad
Listen, I've never had love before.

W-will you be gentle?
Oh i know how to show love to elves.
You may be blind, but that only makes you less prone to run away from public spaces. Or at all, hek hek hek hek hek.
Maybe we should just be friends.
Let us be friends and kill some evil alliance.
Of course. I have been seeing many night elves lately, and they are on fire as far as I am concerned.
I love Death.
This Orc will be glad to send the Warlock fiend on a date with Death, permanently!
Let us do it, mon!
Let's see how your neck snaps
A walking female elf corpse? I've had enough of those for a lifetime.

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