Date the poster above you<3

Argent Dawn
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I'm not really into tentacles. Or hooves. And I also like staying alive at the end of a date so no wardrobe-built folks.
That'll be a no for me.
That won't be a problem if you're ontop.

Besides, I've plenty of healing magic to deal with any damage.

And they're tendrils.
I heard you something else to do. I'm sure you don't mind me taking Narme out for flight.
On the hottest summer days you must be a most desirable bedmate, ice lady...

Too bad it's already autumn.
Too much purple and demon,

Not enough fair skin and not-demon.
*tips fedora*
get me a warrior
not a wannabe
ditch that paladinism or whatever first and see the true knight in the action
It's in the name. Now pucker up.
Death is nothing. Only orcs seek it, like the cowards they are, so they may escape the evil world.

This Knight is above this!

dead wannabes do not count either
Tries too hard. Wouldn't dream of it.
Maybe not green...? Human-up.

I will find this one... True love. A sparring partner.
I sadly don't date men but You look pretty cool.
But what about an orc male in a wonderfull pink dress?
Not even an orc in a dress.. Geez where is my soap.
Too top heavy. Your shoulder region has five times the mass of everything below your ribcage.

Makes for decent comedy, though.
Looking for a qt to date and also do arenas with! Paying well!
big fan
Well... Yer less hairy than mi last date. A pretty wee Wildhammer lassie named Helena.
I'm afraid I'll have to swipe left.
Enjoy Legion

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