[A] Red Dawn PvP Guild open for new players

Auchindoun / Dunemaul / Jaedenar
Red Dawn is a PvP guild hosting players of all skill levels, focusing on arenas and BGs. Hardcore, casual and social players are welcome. Founded August 2012. Give us a whisper to join the mightiest PvP community on Auchindoun.

We have a brand new, cross-server Red Dawn PvP community for our friends on different servers. We use Discord and Teamspeak.

Use this link to join:

Our Sunday RBG group plays around 2k rating. We hope that with BfA world PvP will be a good option for guild events again. Arena tournaments will also be on the menu.

Hope to see you soon on the field of battle!

--Gilgamesch / Síduri
(Guild Master)

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