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Hi there and thanks for reading. Due to some life changes for some members of Eternal Chaos we now have a Raid Lead position open in our guild we are looking for someone who has raid experience and would be available 2 nights a week Mon/Wed from 8pm Realm time to 11pm.

We are classed essentially as a casual guild, what this means is spurious and does not truly define us a guild. We are a large social guild with a core raiding unit that has gained Curve in expansions past and present we aim for progress and to drive to mythic quicker than in past expansions as our current core are more than capable of doing.

You will have the support of officers in the raid who will deal with moans, the players that don’t turn up enchanted and with food etc. The GM/officers will deal with those that need removing from raid group for whatever reason.

Your job will be solely to focus on tactics, call out’s during combat, to offer advice and support anything outside of that officers in raid will deal with including analysing logs (of course your input would be welcomed too), redirecting whispers, recruitment etc. We do expect all raiders to know tactics so this wont fall solely on your shoulders and to have read up on their class and to perform to best of their ability.

We are looking for someone with a cool temperament mature attitude, patience and desire to lead. Someone that understands wiping is part of the course of progress and can speak English clearly. The position is open on a trail bases hopefully leading to long term. We rarely fail to raid and hope that in BFA we can push the progress we deserve.
We start Raids open invite and hone the team from there however entering BFA we already have most of our core raiders left and a positive start looks promising. Our Raid team ages from mid 20’s right through to mid-40’s Men and women. You will find us friendly, open, fun and tolerable but no push overs.

Anything else we can discuss on discord or game chat.
Cowanbob#2522, Bobcat#2345

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