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Looking for Players – PvE
Frequency is a raiding guild on the Eu server Alonsus, we have been together raiding consistently now since 2008. We ourselves are a mature group of adults, priding ourselves on mutual respect with players from all over the Eu and different backgrounds and can offer a relaxed and friendly environment for Both our raiders and Social players.

Since 2007 we have proudly experienced all walks of life when it comes to progression raiding, We now take a more relaxed approach and raid only 3 days a week and in a much more laid back environment, However this does not mean we have stopped pushing progress. We have enjoyed progressing in raids up to mythic raiding level, remaining mostly always in the top 5 on the servers with progress & look forward to seeing what BFA has to offer.

We are always looking for keen & experienced raiders with the ability to fit well into a team, In BFA we will approach raid content the same as always and remain committed to experiencing as much content as we are able to without the


We are currently Recruiting -

    Ranged and Melee Dps Required at this Time. All classes and specs are being considered for the new Expansion.

Returning to the game after a break? No problem. We can offer you a social spot where you are able to join raids at the weekend, getting to know raiders while catching up to a level you need to be at to finally Join the main team. We like to think everyone deserves a chance and we can offer you that here.

Raiding: 20.00 - 23.00 ST Wed-Thur-Mondays

Don't like applications? that is No problem either. Application process can be done over a chat.

Gm/officers - Toobashed, Cheeki, Ultimesia, Kissit
Michelle#2280 is my personal Battlenet if you fancy a chat

Guild Website - https://frequencyalonsus.wixsite.com/warcraft
Hello guys & girls

With BFA a week away we are excited and preparing for launch night, as always in true frequency tradition we will be gathering together launch night for banter, laughs and leveling support!! ( must bring snacks! )

Our raid size going in to bfa is nice and fat but we are keen to welcome more & encourage Social players to join us as we believe we can offer a friendly and supportive wow community to you :)
Good morning!

The expansion is only days away & we are having a well deserved lazy weekend.

Recruitment is most dps classes at the start of the expansion with Hunter and elemental shaman being now fully recruited for.

All socials are welcome without application and any raiders keen to join but not keen on application are welcome to contact me ( info in original post ) for a chat instead

Cheeks x
LAUNCH DAY!! are you as excited as we are?!

Have a great night guys and girls :D
Heading in to the new raid on Wednesday & we are excited and prepared.

Raid spots are now very limited but we are welcoming social/members to the guild to join us on all other activities within the guild including mythic+ , Pvp warfronts, Expeditions and more.
Hello guys :D

We have a few Dps spots available for our Main raids. Please come along for a chat if interested

We are progressing at a nice steady speed in the new raids and enjoying lots of mythic+ throughout the guild. Social tanks for Mythic+ would be really welcome as there very popular with our players :D
Recruiting Priest/warlock/druid/rogue Dps.
Good evening guys :D We are keep to recruit the above mentioned classes to our raid team. Pushing progress on our 3rd boss and have a good focus on mythic+ within the guild also.
Hai guys!! still hoping for a few extra dps to join the team.

We have an amazing bunch of players that have played together for years now and love to make new friends. Come for a chat :D

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