Azerite Gear Vendors Available

BFA Dungeons, Island Expeditions, Raids
Vendors have been enabled that provide all Azerite gear for testing. There are also enchants, dungeon gear and consumables to help with this week's raid test.

Alliance players will find their vendors at the Ashvane Docks in Boralus.

Horde players will find their vendors in The Mugambala, south west of Dazar'alor.
I'm assuming these are only usable by 120 characters?
From what I've seen they're all 370 ilevel requiring level 120. Wouldn't be surprised if you also have to deal with the azerite level requirement.

Unless you already have a level 120 toon with a decent amount of azerite power farmed on beta, those vendors are useless until they add the option to create level 120 toons.
Serious question: Who came up with the idea to wait with this for nearly all beta? (not only an azerite gear vendor, but to have consumables on a consumables vendor which was standing there for all beta)

Release is only 4 days away and we have (probably) 2 nights of raidtests left. At this point I would've tried to be consistent and not put those in anymore.
it's here (for horde) in case you can't find it:
cant find consumables (bufffood flask pots) anyone else?

warum eig englisch im deutschen forum :> jaja EU forum :D
Better late that never, but still appreciated.
Bit late though

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