[A Rp/Raid-Guild] Super Rainbow Alliance

Argent Dawn
Dont let our name fool you, We are not lacking roleplaying skills.

But we are a relaxed group of friends that aim to experience most sides of wow together and are currently looking for a few more brave souls to explore the world with us.

Our aim is to slowly grow larger and still come together as friends to have fun in whatever activity we choose to do in the game. Anything from dungeons to roleplaying.

Our RP will be focused around a caravan that goes from place to place in the world. We wont have any complicated guild plotline or a strong hierarchy where you are told what to do.
Perhaps you wish to help the settlers in the area to get rid of monsters at the countryside or preach the way of the light to the masses? Or maybe you wish to see the world or you simply want to make a living, sale your wares at different location. We wont judge, The reason you join the caravan is your own! You are in control of your own characters and where you choose to be with it.

Our group plans to be a stress free environment where we develop as a group rather then speed-run things for the best reward possible. We are in it for the enjoyment of going, not the items.

If your new to roleplaying or/and the game and wish to learn the ropes, you're welcome to us.

Our only demand? Be friendly and a will to learn.
First and Foremost this game should be fun!

Contact us ingame: Azire or Bundyz
or at our discord: https://discord.gg/RE2bJ5q
Stop! You violated the law. Since you lack the funds to pay your fine, you must now serve out your sentence.
Come join us!
We are a friendly bunch for those in need of an in-game home.

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