You rub a Blizzard dev and a genie comes out

18/08/2018 18:01Posted by Gráinne
You get three BFA-related wishes. Go.

(With thanks to the US forums for the idea.)

1. Restore Retribution to its WotLK incarnation, with a few QoL tweaks. Goodbye Holy Power, you dreadful turd of a mechanic.

2. Stop with the articial time wasting. Bring back flying in relevant content, stop the scaling with gear and drop the extended levelling time for alts. None of it makes the game more enjoyable in the long run.

3. More content outside dungeons and raids. Bring back scenarios, challenge runs, build upon the crafting system to make it more engaging and interactive, promote exploration of zones with dynamic content, and as you seem set on keeping mission tables, make them more impactful.

By that, I mean see the mission taking place in the world, perhaps even play a part in it yourself. If a mission is failed, lead a rescue mission for the captured hero etc.

If I could have a fourth wish (because I'm cheeky), I'd want the BfA story to be more cohesive and visceral. There's too much fluff,on the Alliance side at least that is detracting from the 110-120 experience.
1: Rework scaling in current content, I want to see zone with clear level range depending on where you go first, like If you start in Drustvar then Drustvar will scale from level 110-113, then the next zone will be 113-116 and then for the last one 116-120. (And remove all form of ILVL scaling!)

2: Stop with the stats squish, if we end up with 7 billion HP fine! Just make it 7000M or something like they did with legion health, or do what Diablo 3 does with high numbers.

3: Add more talents at level 110 and 120 and if we can go hardcore on it add a new talents every 5 levels.
18/08/2018 18:02Posted by Kirago
Unprune classes.

Work more than 10 seconds on class design.

Remove any single kind of scaling from the game.

Give this man 3 wishes immediately!
Bringing back Mop warlock
20/08/2018 01:36Posted by Supahotfaya
Bringing back Mop warlock

Bringing back all MoP classes

1. Player Housing
2. EQ2 style 'put anything anywhere'
3. Housing crafting skill.

Besides that? Legion/BFA has been the best time I have ever had in WOW

Oh and make Stormwind look less !@#$tt compared to Boralus

Oh and more gnomes in the storyline!
Deflate the health values of mobs.

Make the reputation grind more rewarding instead of giving 75 reputation points for each and every single World Quest.

Give me back Shaman Totem-bars woth totem loadouts and what have you.
1. Player Housing, anywhere in world
2. Big Vulpera village
3. More transmog sets, including at least some that only NPC's can wear

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