[A] Four Dps Looking for 2 days raiding Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello everyone

Me and 3 of my friends are looking for a guild with the following aspects:

- 1-2 raid nights
- Raid starts at 1915 (earliest) and finishes at 2330 (latest) or something close to this on normal nights (not counting boss kills)
- The guild aims to clear heroic and then move on mythic
- A little bit of Flexibility in attendance (absolute 100% 365 days a year is not possible)
- A mature guild that takes into account that people have lives, family, and jobs

We are a Rogue, Dps Warr, Mage, Ret pally. What we offer is the following:

- High knowledge and performance in our classes (Up-to-date)
- Well prepared for raids in all aspects (consumables, tactic, gear, .. etc)
- We take constructive criticism on board
- We prefer guildies with sense of humor and good social skills
- No drama over loot or other stuff
- we are +30 and mature
- We help with tactics if required (new ideas)
- We were playing WoW since Vanilla (on US servers)
- We are competitive, aim to be the best at what we play, and thrive to see all content
- We have loyalty to our guild when it deserves it
- and much more...

Please contact us through this post or through our battle tags:
Still looking :)
[A] <sCo> is a casual raiding guild of members who are returning to the game for the new expansion.

We will be raiding 2 night a week -
Thursday/Sunday - 8pm to 11pm Realm Time.

We are currently looking for experienced players or returning players looking to get back into the game.

We aren't fussed if you've just boosted your Class right now we are mainly focused on people who want to progress in BfA in a fun environment, with a bunch of Scottish lads who like to have a laugh!

Currently we are recruiting to complete out roster going forward in BfA, all classes are open for exceptional players however demon Hunter would be nice!

If interested post up on here, message me in game or add Magix#1208 to talk.
Or my Discord : TamMullenx#4142

Thank you for replying the post!

We ll contact you ingame

In the meantime we are still looking for a guild
thanks maki for your efforts <3
I've added you mate. I am the GM at The Internet People. (artaurius is the btag.) Get in touch if you are still looking. We match with the basics like raid nights and so one so just need to figure out if you guys would enjoy the company.

We have found a guild, thanks everyone for your interests

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