[A] <Velocity> 1/8M LF DPS for our Mythic Progression

Emerald Dream / Terenas
<Velocity> is a mature, friendly and lighthearted guild which was established in 2005. We are recruiting DPS and healers for our (Mythic) raiding team and progression. We are also open for casual players like socials or pvp-players. We find a pleasant environment important so we are looking for people with an enthusiastic and positive attitude who also have respect for others. Our guild is a semi-hardcore guild so don’t be afraid for strict rules on your social life because we all have friends and family aside our virtual life ;-). Our raiding team consists of mature, helpful and experienced players, most of us have played since vanilla so we are definitely there for you if you need any advise.

At the moment we have a team ready for HC, but we are LFM for mythic raiding.

For more info you can contact our officers ingame:
Blazingwind, Whiskeybear & Pandafury

or through our battlenet ID:
Mikomi#2424, Bahamut#2424, Fanatica#2404
What's you raid days / times
Looking for a healer, our roster is almost complete for mythic!
Still looking for a healer, also a spot for a DPS is open now!
4/8 Uldir Normal, looking for DPS to fill in our (HC/Mythic) Roster.

Raiding on Monday, wednesday and thursday from 20.30 GT to 23.30 GT
still looking for dps?
6/8 Uldir HC, currently looking for a 1-2 (range) DPS for our mythic roster.
1/8 Uldir Mythic, looking for a (range) DPS for our mythic raiding progression :-).

Raiding monday, wednesday and thursday from 20.30 - 23.30 ST.

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