Creating new pve guild.

Hi i'm just being curious, how many people are interested in joining new pve progress focused guild.

A bit info about posible future guild;
Raiding 3 days/week wed/fri/sun with posible older tiers for ach or current tier for progress on mon/tue.
Possible pvp when current tier is on farm.
Strict military type guild leadership when it comes to raids / drama artist show and laid back /beer drinking atmosphere once raid is on farm guild events ate being done.

About me (this is new acc as old one is lost somewhere in the nether);
Started playing wow in tbc and did few entry lvl raids (kara/magi),
Did almost every boss in wotlk on 25 man hc in icc and toc, was still learning to play in nax/uld and as such hc bosses in ulduar dont count as they where done with togc/icc gear. Close to end of wotlk guild suffered heavy drama and have fractured into 3 10 man guilds. I was "forced" to be officer in one and when guild leader abondoned us i took lead and led guild into clearing every normal mod boss in cata (we whe raiding only on sunday so progress in hc was not time possible and bosses like the hound master in firelands don't count as true progres.
We stoped playing in early mop but came back as start of soo. Unfortunatly i had car accident and when i returned to wow i found guild abomdoned and people scattered across many realm. There i ended my wow but i came back now hungry for raids with my life leaving me open to raid amost every evening.

If you are interested pm in game
Sorry for grammar wrote this from phone. Will edit it when im back home

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