4 Raiders looking for HC Raiding Guild (Closed)

Twisting Nether
Hello there!

We are four people looking for a new HC Raiding Guild to start with in Legion, as our last Guild was semi-casual.

Our roster is one Healer (Plipp - Holy Priest) one Tank (Dafuqz - Blood DK) and two DPS (Pølsebrø - Havoc Demon Hunter and Fitteladden - Destruction Warlock)

We have been actively playing together since Cataclysm, and we all actively level alts aswell with the possibility to swap them to mains.

We are aiming for 2 raid days a week, with the goal of steady progression, alongside like minded players. We do M+ runs aswell. Preferably not during Weekends.

If you are interested in an almost full M+ group in you Guild and Raid, feel free to leave a comment, or message me on BNet (Storeide#2375) or (Zeat#2364)
Bumpy bump
Hey are you guys still looking for a guild ?:D if so hit me up at Connor#2509
Hey guys!

Are you looking to get carried and breezing through Mythic, or are you looking for a group to share blood, sweat and tears to push through HC to get a false sense of accomplishment? :P

In case of the latter, hit me up ingame. Or /w Thelymus or Nythaesia. Tranquillity might just be the kind of folks you're looking for.

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