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Hi All,

<Stranglethorn Swim Team> is a brand new Guild looking for more members to fill our roster as we move forward in to BfA. There will be a big focus on Rated Arena/Battlegrounds as well as Mythic+. We're never going to be a mythic raiding guild, but we will be clearing Heroic Raids infrequently (until a Raid Leader role has been filled and then who knows where the Guild could end up), but there will be no commitment requirements.

We're looking for like-minded players, those of you who have a competitive edge but don't want to commit to 3 days a week raiding. This isn't a job. We're casual, but competitive. We like to compete at high rating in arenas, and we like to be pushing high keys in mythic+. These are both areas of the game that don't require a massive commitment.

We understand that people have lives outside of WoW and can't be on all the time, but when we can find the time to play, we want to do well. We want to be pushing +20 Keys in Mythic+, we want to be pushing at least 2k in RBGs/2s/3s. We want to have cleared all of the Heroic Raids for the Ahead of the Curve/Mount possibilities. We're not going for Rank 1, we're not going for World Firsts, but what we do focus on, we want to do it well.

Hit me up if this sounds of any interest to you and we can discuss further in game.

Thanks :)

Wow only 6 hours since being created and already over 20 members, all of who are 2k+ experienced in 2s, 3s or RBGs.

Looking to continue to grow and become a great PvP community on Twisting Nether.

I'm a finnish 27-year old guy, that has a lot of raiding experience from wotlk onwards. I'm interested in doing all of pvp content and "some" raiding, like 1-2 nights a week depending on how people have time for it. I don't have a lot of pvp experience, since I haven't usually had a decent team for it that actually wanted to do more than 10 games a week (for points).

However I would like to hear more about the guild, what times you guys are online etc. I'm mostly free on weekends, but I do tend to play 1-2 hours every night. My current guild has mostly died, we have about 4-6 players that actually do anything there, so a bit more active group would be awesome.

Hope to hear from you

With the launch of BfA I switch realms from ChambersOfAspects to TwistingNether and boosted a warlock but switched to a priest not long after. Never played a priest but I used to push mythic raids for half of Legion so right now I'm enjoying the learning curve of discipline (healed as resto druid before) going through heroics.

Due to having a job I cannot longer commit to multiple days / week for raiding so my goal in BfA turned over to M+. I enjoy PvP but only did arenas for fun with friends. I'm looking to break the ice if there are patient and like-minded people.

Hope to sparkle your interest,
Tuli (Khim#21261)
Hey All!

With the new season/raid releasing in just over a week we've built a pretty strong core. With over 100 Members in the Guild in total (this includes alts etc), we have a couple of pretty strong teams for RBGs and M+ Runs.

As I said in my earlier post, we're going to be clearing the raid on normal + heroic as well when we have some spare time.

We do seem to be lacking in Tanks though, so anyone willing to tank some m+ or even certain BGs hit me up in game!

Still open to anyone else who's looking for chill, like-minded people who want to clear high level keys and achieve high ratings in all PvP brackets.


want to join
We are 8/8 N! Smashed it first week for a pvp/m+ guild!

No but seriously, we are in the market for tanks to push high m+ keys. We have a strong foundation of players who like to compete seriously in arena and m+, but we seem to be short on tanks.

RBGs usually run on Thursdays and Sunday around 8.30pm realm time.

Hit me up in game on this character if you're looking for some Mythic+ or PvP teams.

As the launch has settled and the mythic dungeons has been grinded. We are now focusing on our true call, recruiting for our RBG team. leave a comment if you wish to join either the guild for a social pvp community filled with experienced players or if you wish to join the RBG team

- Scraky

Hi, I would love to join this guild for M+ purposes.
Im a BrM monk but I also have a aff lock and resto shaman :)
11/10/2018 10:56Posted by Ahzukira
Hi, I would love to join this guild for M+ purposes.
Im a BrM monk but I also have a aff lock and resto shaman :)
hi if you can add my btag, I can add you tomorrow when I get online

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