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there seems to be a problem with the legacy loot regarding bossed with tier tokens, Legacy loot mode should be dropping the full amount as if you were in a full group, just cleared Highmaul and Blackrock foundry on mythic, Highmaul went swimmingly well, got 5 pieces of gear from each boss there, no problems so far.

then came BRF...

5 pieces as per usual from the none tier bosses, and then i got to blast furnace and got only 3 items.

might be a bug only for BRF, not sure, off to check mythic HFC, will update if and when i get past the first boss /slitwrists
mythic "hellfire assault" is still a while off.... HC encounter is done though, maybe a damage increase to the canons or a damage reduction buff for the canons can be implemented so room for mistakes can get through, they're dropping very quickly even though there's only 2 mobs on them. best i could get to each time was about 34%, severely overrun, would like to request that either less mobs are being spawned (then again that's against the point of mythic....) or we can attack the gates as well. but i'd be happy with more damage output from the canons and a nerf to mobs damage so they dont kill the canons within the span of a few seconds
::edit 2::
got to and killed Kormrok on HC and it does seem that all tier token bosses drop only 3 pieces of loot. presuming that this is pretty much unintended otherwise the MoP raids and under would be doing the same.
::edit 3::
after going through the normal and LFR versions, all of the "tier" bosses only drop 3 pieces, had made multiple bug reports and hope that an actual topic on the forum will be sufficient =)
one thing i'd also like to mention, are the raid tier drops from draenor bosses always been the tier set pieces themselves? i thought they were the tokens you can create by clicking on them, with the pieces being dropped instead of the tokens, the specific piece you're after has a very low chance of dropping, any reason why the change in loot drop? dont fix what isn't broken tbh =)
Also had the same issue.
Went in to kill Blackhand on Mythic, got only 3 tier tokens and nothing else.
Had the same thing happen in BRF. 3 Tokens from Blackhand , nothing else.
It is not only mythic either, it happens on Heroic too. Really hope they fix this as I really want some of those weapons that some of the drops. Having to rely on personal loot only is disheartening.
20/08/2018 21:44Posted by Merwanor
It is not only mythic either, it happens on Heroic too. Really hope they fix this as I really want some of those weapons that some of the drops. Having to rely on personal loot only is disheartening.

yeah, not getting the other drops because the bosses drop only the tier pieces and not the tokens is pretty silly, but yeah, really hoping that the devs see this and hope that more will complain so this gets seen to, or at least have someone acknowledge that this is a problem they have on radar and are going to fix it so all bosses in draenor drop 5-6 pieces and tier sets are token drops =)
at least someone on the US forums is annoyed by this too! =) good to see some more sharing their greif with soloing content =)

I have received this in BRF and HFC this week. I've even made a ticket about it and they failed to understand or acknowledge the point I was raising, instead opting to merely to explain that in 25 man I should get 6 items (completely ignoring the fact I clearly stated mythic difficulty) and then to ignore it again and say if I have a suggestion to use the in game suggestions window!

Someone needs to realise it is broken and doesn't work correctly for the WoD tier bosses, and that dropping the actual tier pieces is a poor idea over the tokens.

In the US thread linked it is talking about the mechanical difficulty of the first boss in HFC, which is a tough one. For that a simple change to being that you don't wipe if a cannon dies would be a huge help for solo'ers.

Tyrant however, I just cannot seem to solo D:
As of today's reset (22/08) neither written nor silent change has been made to this.
as of tonight (23/8) all bosses are dropping 5-6 pieces, tier bosses are dropping 3 tier pieces and 3 "other" loot. =)
Can anyone confirm? Already did my Mythic BRF for the week so can't check. Would suck if just had to wait a couple of days and got a normal run.
go and change the difficulty to normal or heroic, you have 3-4 separate lockouts for draenor raids =) (if you queue up for solo LFR as well)

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