What is Azshara plotting exactly?

The most interesting part for me while questing is seeing all these towns and people being completely enamored by Azshara, she is pretty much making a big move for the first time. I am wondering if anyone has theories about her plans with N'zoth? I find her a very interesting character alongside the naga, and I am afraid that she will end up a boss at some raid at the end of the first patches.
First time? How bout well.. azsuna zone in legion? She wasn't making big moves there? :D And it is as usually, world domination and so on. I am not expecting anything new when it comes to our Queen.. *cough cough* i meant evil tentacle woman from the sea.
We'll find out some more details over the course of this coming week. Azshara is right in the center of the Gamescon Art, so it's telling that she will be a main feature for discussion at Gamescon.
Azshara has no ulterior motive. She is just serving her master and god dutifully. Make no mistake, Azshara is not the true enemy, she is just a pawn, like Lord Stormsong and Lady Ashvane. N'zoth needed to get rid of the Proudmoore Fleet, Azeroth's finest, commanded by the Proudmoore Admiralty of Boralus. So he sent Azshara to find a way to remove that threat from the board. To this end, Azshara made an alliance with the ambitious Lord Stormsong, who despised the haughty elite of Boralus, and Lady Ashvane, who sought to conquer the capital city of Boralus.
19/08/2018 20:45Posted by Arctur
Azshara has no ulterior motive. She is just serving her master and god dutifully.

I wish Azshara was not mindcontrolled and become the one who was before, however as you say she seems that she has no motive or a big plan of her own. And indeed she is just like a minion, but she may recover herself from the curse in this expansion, who knows?

Since we did not see the warbringers cinematic yet, I only assume that she is going to serve her masters.
My speculation:
1: Get revenge on Tyranda.
Azshara strikes me as a poor loser who will hold on to a grude for 10.000 years.
2: "Reclaim" her rulership over all elves.
3: Conquer and enslave the world.
4: Betray and enslave(or failing that kill) N'zoth.
While my knowledge of Azshara is limeted.
I believe she is too vain to remain a servant of ANYONE.
If she will succeced is a different mather but i do believes she wants to be the ruler of all.
To quote a warhammer charater:
Settra doesnt serve, settra rules.
I believe that like settra, Azshara's ego is too big to allow her to remain a minnion forever.
Granted she will be stop at during point 2(after killing Tyrande because blizzard really hate night elves)

Why she just doesnt look for a way to raise the water levels i dont know.
After all naga arent bother by the water.
If we had to fight underwater......
Knowing Blizzard, she will probably end up as dungeon-tier boss or a first-patch raid boss somewhere along.

Which is totally bad, for someone whose ruined more than half of the universe single-handedly, planned to actually tame Sargeras as her husband and humiliating so many elemental lords. She was always above Sargeras as a threat for me with Old Gods directly assisting her. She should be the boss of all bosses but oh well who cares, lets slap her some generic naga voice actress and kill her halfway through expansion and make some other random dude final boss of expansion.

Honestly I want her to become the end-game boss. N'zoth comes just before her, we slay N'zoth in front of her eyes with whatever plot device and force to watch her dreams crumble. Then glorious queen almighty turn back to elven form as effects of N'zoth disappears and drowning death takes her life away slowly, helplessly at the very feet of "commoners" as she detest at what greatness she could have given to ALL of us. This would be the ultimate punishment for someone so narcissistic as her.

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