Idea: Magni and Deepholm

Idea for a patch lore scenario: After sime eventual setback to Azeroths helath, Magni decides to try a different approach. You and Magni travel to Deepholm (Teleporting in near the top of the map) and find it in chaos. "Azerite Elementals" have manifested and are fighting against the Deepholm elementals (And maybe also void beings if they have been "introduced" to the expansion yet.)
While Magni attempts to talk to Therazane, you must use the Heart of Azeroth to calm the azerite and regular elementals. You meet up with Magni and Therazane (She has a slight Azerite-like tint or perhaps wounds) at the World Pillar and find that it has also turned into Azerite and is covered in black and white tendrils. You also find an old friend: Thrall.
With all of your powers combined (And perhaps some shaman reinforcements brought in via portal?) You manage to strip the tendrils from the Pillar summoning some kind of amalgamation boss. Defeating the boss nets you a decent amount of Artifact Power and a lore dump of some kind.


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