Live Developer Q&A, August 23 – Submit Your Questions

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Will Alliance get something similar like the Brutosaurus mount? Or ANY dino-mount? T-Rex Mount plz! :)
What happened to the Warlock idle casting animation? When can we expect it to be in the game?
Why can't we farm Azerite gear in M+? This kills the option to create any builds surrounding certain Azerite traits. If the reason for not allowing us to farm Azerite gear in M+ is that it would make raiding obsolete then you could solve that by making stronger/interesting "raid only" Azerite traits.

Keeping it like this basicly means that you have to get very lucky in your weekly M+ chest to get the traits you want if it doesnt drop in raids.
Now cut off from the Sunwell, do void elves suffer from mana addiction again?
I have four questions
1. What type of monarchy is Kul'Tiras? As we can see lady Katherine Proudmoore is Lord Admiral, but if this kingdom works as for instance Lordaeron where Arthas should have been king after Terenas demise, why was not this position given to Tandred instead when Daelin died? So is this monarchy elective or does the admiral decide who the next one will be?
2. Are you planning some kind of family reunion between Proudmoores now when Tandred is back?
3. Is Tandred jealous of Jaina taking "his" position as Lord Admiral when she was considered traitor for so long?
4. Was Admiral Daelin Proudmoore schooled in ways of tidesages? As we can see him using their magic in W3.
Are you going to rework explosive shot ? The current version is bugged, clunky to use, not fun at all. Can you make it like mage's living bomb exploding on target? Or just make it detonate instantly on your target with a travel time, its really annoying.
Back in MoP we had separate queue system for Scenarios.
Why such a feature isn't implemented for island expeditions?
Would be nice if we could queue while doing some world quests on a different zone instead of specially choosing a fly path to only one place we can do that :)
Account wide rep ?
Hello, any chance that "War mode ON" will push people into same realms/subrealms as much as possible so we enjoy the true massive world PVP experience ?

Even if u manually join group for populated realm it's just way less than you would expect.

Please bring us true WAR.
Deep freeze when will it be back ?
Are there any plans to make Warlock not-worst class?
I'm not speaking only about damage tunning, our utility is far inferior and HS and Gateway is very close to zero support.
Also why do we still not speak Demonic?
Its very disappointing whenever I do legacy runs in old raid and dungeon content for Tmog and I get irrelevant drops such as trinkets, rings, necks, and artifact relics from Legion raids. Are there any plans to change or tweak this so that only armor and weapons drop from old raid content whenever current max or higher level players attempt legacy raid and dungeon runs, but keep it the same for players who are leveling?
Will there ever be less requirements to unlock allied races in the future?
What is your current stance on the GCD changes,looking back now do you still think it was a good ideea to implement them or that they should be reverted?
Will we ever see a toggleable xp bonus based on max level characters(not classes) in the future.
Why are DHs the only class that cannot purchase a 350+ BOE weapon from AH?
(Only items available are an Axe with Strength which sadly DHs buy, and Teebu sword with no stat)
Do you intend on adjusting world quest rewards to be spec oriented more as of currently on live servers dungeon rewards typically dont give out weapons as much as world quests and your more or less expected to re-roll spec and azerite traits due to the sheer upgrade.
Are there any plans regarding follower equipment for the BfA missions, like extra sources or quality differences?
Any plans to fix engineering ?
Alot of the items are just a buggy mess
- boat works 2/10 times
- the belt only shields for 1k instead of the tooltips 20k
- having an option to upgrade engineering goggles ilvl would be nice.

side note:
tailorings resilient spellthread (protect from dazing) also does not work.

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