[A] <Immortales> are recruiting


<Immortales> are recruiting for BFA.

We're both a social and a progression guild and everyone is welcome. A lot of us are old raiders, back from the TBC, WoTLK and Cata days and everyone is friendly.

We're looking to do Mythic+ as high as possible and start raiding asap.

Right now the raid nights are for debate, but it's looking like either Tuesday/Saturday or Tuesday/Sunday. We also have close to 60 different members so we might be able to start up a second raid team in the future too.

Whisper me (Piranhi - Piranhi#2441) in game for an invite or send me a mail.

Look forward to seeing you online.

Good Afternoon :)

Do you guys have a discord you use to chat in and stuff?
Hey Martiln,

Yep we've got a Discord server :)
Hi :)

I have dropped you a friend Request :)
Hello, Piranhi! = )
I've also send you friend request. At the moment I'm looking for a friendly and a little bit ambitious guild for raiding. ;)
Currently at

Looking for mainly ranged - especially Mage and Warlocks. Also looking for Monks.

Feel free to whisper myself (Piranhi), nux or emerhelm in game or add me on Battlenet.

Thank you.

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