What do you think of BfA?

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31/08/2018 22:00Posted by Chevokee
I keep finding myself coming on forums to see if I'm the only person that thinks it's an awful expansion instead of playing it. Having played every expansion the is the first time this has ever happened, I even enjoyed wod.

This is really not okay, WoD launch and end was a mess.
31/08/2018 22:02Posted by Deadduchess
31/08/2018 22:00Posted by Chevokee
I keep finding myself coming on forums to see if I'm the only person that thinks it's an awful expansion instead of playing it. Having played every expansion the is the first time this has ever happened, I even enjoyed wod.

This is really not okay, WoD launch and end was a mess.

Hmmm, I enjoyed WOD far more than BFA, a new expansion that I struggle to stay logged in for more than 20 minutes. Its still very early in BFA's life cycle, it does however unfortunately have all of the attributes required to make WOD look like a work of genius.
31/08/2018 22:02Posted by Deadduchess
This is really not okay, WoD launch and end was a mess.

WoD was an undisputed mess, but BfA seems to have been designed deliberately poorly. WoD had the ability prune which was a definite step down from MoP but for a lot of specs it seems that BfA was designed to be a step down from WoD. WoD's crafting professions were anemic compared to MoP but at least the stuff you made had some reason to exist, BfA doesn't even have that.

At least BfA does have a reason to go into the world it creates, and gathering professions have a reason to exist. Also, at least reputations aren't just from killing mobs so it has done 3 things better than WoD. Also I suppose it technically functions better than WoD did but at the same time it doesn't have anything as ambitious as the garrison, so would you rather have a new feature that doesn't work well at launch or would you rather just have nothing?

Honestly though it's not a good sign when it's difficult to tell if a new expansion is worse than WoD, if you've done even a half-decent job you should always compare favourably to the launch of WoD.
30/08/2018 17:09Posted by Deadduchess
So far - lack of direction or purpose.

Pretty much this.

I like some things, I hate some things and yet ALL the changes seem incoherent. A severe lack of direction.

It's as if someone at Blizzard challenged Ion's auteurism, his full creative control, and both their visions were mashed together to create BfA.
I absolutely hated it for the first 4 days but once I ditched my warlock for my DK it became pretty fun.

I like that the content isn't overly grindy for no reason, the dungeons are aight, zones are pretty cool, but so far BfA is leaning towards the bottom of the best expansions list just because I had to re-roll to even be able to enjoy it. That should never be necessary.
It’s... strange.

Two weeks in and I’m struggling to find content to do. I’ve burnt out on World Quests and now just do the emissary, Champions and Turtle ones. I only need boots from Mythic dungeons. Island Expeditions are pointless because 2500 Azerite counts for so little now and I’m not interested in grinding out the cosmetics when it’s RNG and the drop chance is so low.
Warfronts are boring, Uldir is a once-a-week thing, I’ve never liked Mythic+ or PvP.
Item level scaling shouldn’t exist and makes power progression feel horrible.
Azerite gear in general feels like a lazy, tacked-on system because Blizzard needed something to replace artefacts and set items.

I’m enjoying it more than WoD and Legion, sure.
At this point in Legion I was doing the same things but with horrible zones. BfA’s zones are so much better.
At this point in WoD I’d unsubbed since I was out of content.

I feel like there’s just way too much filler stuff and not enough innovation. Blizzard seem to be pretty obsessed with making sure the player does things ‘their way’, limiting freedom.

Unless patch content improves it, BfA is going to be another in a long line of disappointing expansions.
I do not like it. The only thing I liked is music.
Classes and gameplay are slow, boring.
Class imbalance ruins WPvP and fun. Ret, Rogue, Boom, Disc... no comments.
Dungeons are boring, full of trash, designed specifically for mythic+. Zero joy
Stat templates gone, alts are gone for random non-rated PvP - plate classes with 15% armor and 40% less hp than enemies are very fun in arena skirmishes...
BFA has had the best first week I've had so far in an expansion.

That said, for me the cracks are clearly showing. I predict that this will be a raid-or-m+-or-die expansion. The WoD 2.0 predictions weren't far of the mark.
Not bad for me, but bad for the ~90% of the playerbase that doesn't do this content and will be bored out of their mind.
Nothing exciting going on or to look forward to, it got boring very quickly. Just think about what you were looking toward in Legion, Myth+ was a new thing, Legendary drops, Class Hall campaigns, Suramar story development, PvP prestiege system, Artifact appearances... etc now it's ... waiting for mythics and ... raid and .. that's it.
I predicted heavy content drought when developers where trying to purposefully slow down the playerbase (leveling XP, removing easy groups etc).

Seems to be coming true. I already find myself quite bored. Island expeditions don't make up for what was taken away.

Everything just feels slightly !@#$tier then it did in Legion:
- Enjoyment of my class when it feels sluggish, resource starved.
- The world quests are not quite as good an varied.
- The AP grind is still there, but without a real sense of progression like at least artifact traits provided --> not a lot to look forward to.
- Dungeons are just trash fests and mob pulls are often harder in some cases than the actual bosses.
- Even the command table took a nose dive because of how %^-*ty the rewards feel.

The only thing that's better, are the cutscenes, and I can get those on youtube without having to pay €13 per month.
Ion Hazzikostas needs to be replaced, he clearly lost his mind. This game is going diablo route, will surely get killed by the team unless replaced by fresh and creative people. Not one singel new thing was added this expansion beside the continent and the boring island expidition that i did once and refuse to do again.
You will not like it and hate it if your spec is broken.

This expansion is meant to bring the glaring flaws of specs through a giant magnifying glass.

At the moment, classes like feral druid got fixed despite people saying "NOTHING IS WRONG, ITS JUST YOU" for ages. The common flaw is that some specs are broken when secondary stats aren't high in a fresh toon, but the complaining stops when they gear up and nobody brings it up ever again.

This flaw has been swept under the rug for too long, a class should not underperform to 1/3rd its output if it's missing around 10% haste or crit.
I personally, really like most of BFA but I do feel it is split into worthwhile content and mini game content which frustrates me a little, the stuff that Blizz have taken their time on is really good but the cheap content is also obvious sadly and they have tried to sell the game on some of it which is a shame.

Invested (worthwhile) content:-
Zones - Great on the whole
Music - Love it
Artwork - Also great
Storyline - Tries some new things and I really like some of the themes
Dungeons - Feel relatively well tuned and can see them being good in M+ with the exception of Motherlode!

Cheap content
Quests - Go to hub, pick up 5 and complete them, go to next hub and do the same. Lack of variety and too many kills quests.
Mission Table - Why? Has never been good content.
Island Expeditions - I really wanted to like these but they are too simple and rewards are basically nothing.
Daily quests - Made dull by poor rewards
Professions - Have been awful for 3 expansions. No depth and no point in most of them after the first raid. The crafting professions need to be kept relevant with at least 1 good item and not the lazy upgrade to one that is already in the game.
Classes - With a few exceptions feels like we got less overall.
New races - A massive rep grind to unlock before doing the massive grind to level them = 99% recycled content.

Aside from this, I don't mind heart of Azeroth as I can see the trait choice becoming interesting but I dislike the retirement of tier gear as it just feels like an excuse to cut down on how many gear sets need to be designed and reduces the replayability of dungeons for transmog in the future. Losing Legendary, Tier and Artifact weapon feels like a massive hit to class customisation and we don't get enough back.

To me, this does feel like a filler expansion although we do tend to see this pattern. I would say that if this is the case it is actually the best filler expansion I have played to date. As long as the core of the game (Dungeons/Raids/PVP) is looked after then I will remain happy.

I think that Legion was a jump forward in many respects and I am happy for Blizz to repeat this to some extent but they should also look to evolve some ideas and not forget that things such as professions were arguably better in TBC and WOTLK than they are now. I would like to see them mix up questing into long and short quests with the rewards scaled appropriately. Long quests could be more lore heavy, encourage grouping etc and award more experience whereas you could do more short quests which would reward less but allow you to dip into the game when time is tight.

I also feel that after harping on in the last expansion Blizz to a large extent have abandoned "class identity" and exchanged it for "faction identity" which is not as interesting to me. If they were going to re-cycle anything, it would have been interesting to see how the druids re-acted to the Malfurion incident or how Calia develops as a priest? Rogues could have had some cool infiltration of tol'dagor tied into their order hall etc.
The burning of Teldrassil and gryphon/horse reskin as faction reputation was the deal breaker to me. I have made up my mind that this expansion is going to be my last if it continues to go this way.
I finally got to 120 today on my DH. It was such a slog, definitely the worst levelling experience for me so far (yes, yes, it's subjective I know).

I've done a few of the quests, but when it came to starting world quests something clicked and I just gave up. I couldn't be bothered doing the grind on one character, let alone the ten other alts I have.

I'll probably come back towards the end of the expansion when the catch up mechanics are fully implemented. It's just no fun currently.
nothing to do tbh

If you did all mythics and did world quests there is literally nothing you can do anymore for the week.

island expedations suck.
bfa=legion=wod. idk how people can go so ape!@#$ but bfa is by no means worse or better than the other two.

new wow expansion are always fun for 1-2month and 1-2month on last content patch but otherwise no reason to play it.

less community feeling than pserver with 4k player. content is completly built about repetition. throwing gear left and right and tries to lure you to repeat it over and over again for titanforges like diablo 3.

i mean i tried m+ quite sometime but after doing the same dungeon just with % multiplier to infinite its still the same boring dungeon

even arena they kinda made into a grindfiesta where everything skillbased got pruned that it makes every single game scripted and boring it doesnt even motivate to get into it again.

god bless pserver and hopefully wotlk legacy realm soon. and pserver pretty much show how much vanilla-wotlk is still played while all the crap afterwards nobody misses. so please dont tell me wod/legion was better while it was completly the same
Ion Hazzikostas

13 aug.

Just under 3 hours to go until #BattleForAzeroth - I couldn't be more proud of the team's efforts in crafting this grand adventure, or more excited for the world to experience it.

Il log daily to do same world quests, grand adventure my !@#.
3 days ago, I said I will stop playing until 8.1 - 8.2 will be a thing.

Logged in today. Did 2 mythics , WQ's for rep and .. that's basically it.

I still can't believe how they fcked this so bad. Hate it or love it , Legion raised the bar pretty high, at least for me. WQ's , Artifacts, Class Halls, Demon Hunter, Legendaries - to a degree - were New in WoW. And now we have .. this, with New only the Islands.

As of now, I pretty much fail to imagine how they will .. get out of this mess and improve BfA. Hopefully I am wrong!
My problems with BFA are as followed..

So many specs that I have played have pure downtime where you press no buttons - utterly boring.

Haste is so desired yet near impossible to get a decent amount leaving many specs feeling terrible, this along with the pointless gcd changes make combat sluggish and unresponsive.

Island expeditions had potential but they !@#$ed it up by having only a select few a week (wtf) and having the only common reward being azerite (everything else is a 1% drop).

If Island expeditions were more like dungeons than a race as they were advertised they would be great, however they are just boring and mindless trash fighting with no purpose.

Warfronts sound promising to me but the fact that you cannot lose them is just retarded, even more dumbing down of the game.

The lack of RNG in loot actually makes the incentive to do stuff much lower, I have no reason to do an emissary if it is for a rep like Vol'dun and give a measly 700 gold, the chests were so much better due to a factor of surprise and excitement.

They seem to believe as a whole this xpac that RNG is a bad thing for games even though it makes games much more engaging due to every encounter being different.

Azerite traits from artifacts is a colossal step down and leaves characters feeling boring to play if you reminisce about all the neat little passives you used to have that made life much better.

Binding iLvl to rep instead of level is also completely stupid and forces you to do monotonous world quests.

There isn't nearly enough horde vs alli stuff and as a result it feels like there is a total lack of direction.

The armour sets are imo for the most part incredibly bland (look at uldir plate set for example) and the lack of artifacts, legendaries and class sets make the class fantasy as a whole so much worse, therefore they are essentially backtracking on what they did in Legion.

Overall it feels like BFA has only taken away from WoW and not improved on it, causing it to be boring and repetitive with a lack of excitement due to a lack of rng.

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