Looking to join an EU AD RP guild

Argent Dawn
Looking for a guild that does IC dungeons, exploration of Azeroth, zone quests, expeditions, camping etc. Been away for a couple of years but slowly scraping the rust off!
Are you looking for Blood Elf specific guilds, or any guild that'll take you?

Valley of Honor/Strength (i forget which one) has some activity in it, as well as Silvermoon though I think with the expansion launch, recruitment will be a little dry for a few more days.
thanks for the info! any guild that'll take me really :)
If you are intrested in the honoraböe side.. :)

I think the concept of doing quests and dungeons IC is pretty dead. At least, I have never seen people do the former nor heard of people do the latter, not in the last few years.

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