<Fight Me At Dreamhack> 2/8M LF players

Twisting Nether
We have stopped raiding
Are you guys still recruiting melee dps as well?
We are still looking for more active and dedicated players :)
We are still looking for good and dedicated players. Our first raid day wednesday ended with 3/8 HC.

With full new guild and lineup, we are happy with this result and confident that we will improve even more moving forward.
Hi me and my friend DK Blood are interested in your guild. added you in game
Bump, 5/8HC now, going for 8/8 next raid day
Any need of prot pala?
Hi I sent you a discord friend request, lets talk when you're online :)
Hey, I'm interested, you accepting rogues? Had 5/8 HC last week with pugs. https://raider.io/characters/eu/twisting-nether/Uzicorn

Also Zul HC at 3%... Anyway added you on disc.
Bump. We are still looking for more great people for our roster!
Hey, im a 7/8 HC raider currently, just from forming my own PUG groups.

5/8 Mythic from Antorus.

365 Assass Rogue equipped/ 368 unequipped.

If you need another Rogue I'd love to join! :D
Hello what are your raiding hours and any chance you need a blood dk tank 372 here some hc and mythics experience
Updated post :)

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