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i got disconnected from draenor server and i can't log in anymore please help all my friends are leveling without me :(
same here, now stuck att login screen
Same! refund blizz!
The server is garbo, at this point they should just let us free transfer.
13/08/2018 23:04Posted by Humolith
Same! refund blizz!

oy vey, no refund for you, goy!
yea, free transfer is a must now.
Same thing cant Login just saying Loggin into game server , this allso dreanor !
same story here...
Blizzard please can we login??
still in the refund, full queue pls blizz
This isn't just an expansion launch issue. Draenor has been down in this specific manner so many times over the past years.
anyone getting wod vibes?
same !@#$, dc 20m ago and no coming back in.

Was to be expected because they did not fix this piece of %^-* dreanor for months and months
Same issue here, creasing at everyone asking for a refund though lmao
13/08/2018 23:07Posted by Inflex
anyone getting wod vibes?

Cant even change realm.... just stuck on logging in to game server after being connected to draenor before crash.
Hey all,

This is being looked into, sorry for the trouble caused.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
Well maybe by 2024, Version 11.0.1 we'll get some server upgrades.
There goes whatever chances people had to level fast and get ahead of the rush

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