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sooo blizz... any further information for us? If u forgot we are paying too.
13/08/2018 23:53Posted by Zagorakisdru
Honestly, some of us took time off work for this. I'm so frustrated and annoyed. Can i get a refund?

Three years off is it?
draenor server looks like teldrassil at the moment.
We're almost an hour past now.. still nothing?

Why is it whenever anything sh!tty happens Draenor is always amongst the realms that have to suffer.
got a black character select screen now
If you want to select a different realm, add this to your config file (in the WTF folder):

SET disableAutoRealmSelect "1"

This will let you select realm, and log in to an "non issue" realm.
Sylvanas did it
13/08/2018 23:55Posted by Psöriasis
draenor server looks like teldrassil at the moment.

but hey remember... the game is F2P right?

that loeading screen boy ... fix it already damn it
i guess we have to wait another 2 hours when ppl give up and go to bed and the server load isnt that bad anymore :\
Did Jaina cast some arcane magic shizzle on our server?
Server also down for me, please fix!
going to give up life soon, just started the game :(
Took a day off tomorrow, so i can rush with lvling, wanted to play trough the night to race with my friends, and now all i can do is write a stupid post on blizz forum... Thank you blizz for more info on when can we expect to play the game we payed for... At least you can let us know is it worth waiting trough the night or i wasted day off work...
13/08/2018 23:55Posted by Zootay
got a black character select screen now
had about 4 of them so far but just keeps kicking me back to the start
When all your efforts go into implementing a ghify feature and not improving servers ... #justblizzthings

maybe you'd like the recipe then haha

Hand it over bro! I might have a go next time Draenor is down!
PS: IT IS NOT A REAL BOLOGNESE UNLESS IT INCLUDES CARROTS! did you know that? wife just told me!

Got the carrots, here's the recipe bro;

2 cloves of garlic
2 carrots - sliced
1 onion
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
6 rashers bacon
olive oil
500 g minced beef
200 ml red wine
1 x 280 g jar of sun-dried tomatoes
2 x 400 g tins of plum tomatoes
500 g dried spaghetti

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