<Lotus> Mythic Dungeon Boosting

Hi Frostmane,

Lotus, a newly formed guild, is currently selling boosts for normal mythic dungeons. Our group consists of dedicated and highly experienced players who have been playing together for several years, and who have been doing boosts in the past.

Do you want to be geared and ready for Uldir and Mythic +?

We are able to offer you a spot in our group to get you to 340+ Item level in a matter of hours.

You will get what you pay for!

Price list:
Characters unsaved for the dungeon. (We will trade our items to you)

One Mythic Dungeon - 150,000 Gold
8/10 Dungeons - 1,000,000 Gold
10/10 Dungeons - 1,300,000 Gold

Characters saved for the dungeon. (You will only receive the loot that you pick up)

One Mythic Dungeon - 100,000 Gold
8/10 Dungeons - 700,000 Gold
10/10 Dungeons - 900,000 Gold

Prices are non-negotiable. However, we can discuss boosting for specific mythic dungeons.

On release of Mythic + we will shift our attention to the boosting of Mythic + dungeons.

Please, feel free to contact me on:

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