ETA on fix for server lag?

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It's been laggy every day since launch. Got perfect ping, but still a few tenths of a second extra for any action...

Any ETA on a fix? Are you working on it, or just waiting for enough people to stop playing so the problem fixes itself?
Bfa zones is still lags even in early morning, wtf?

Small indie company can't buy some more servers for new shards?
Hey Kyriel,

thanks for the heads-up on this one, I checked on Kilrogg for you and nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can see. Medium pop realm, so should be ok.

Also haven't seen any tickets on this from you yet that indicates we had a deep-dive so could you drop the following via Pastebin for me so I can check:

*Obtaining System Files
*Running WinMTR

Once we have these we can try and help you better, thanks in advance!
27/08/2018 07:27Posted by Saryzan
I checked on Kilrogg

Check silvermoon now. Still lags with 55ms. Only bfa zones.
It's like this for me too, I have 10-19MS ping, home and world, 99% of the time but I'm still get annoying lag in the new zones. Looting hangs for about a second sometimes, skills don't go off when they should, etc. It's not huge lag, but it's constant and frustrating to play with.

It's very noticable when fishing, usually with auto loot on as soon as you click the bobber you get the fish, but now it's like click... loot pops up... auto loot happens.
Tiragarde sound is unplayable on silvermoon right now.
Everything is unplayable since BFA prepatch. Blizzard really needs to beg activision for more funding.
All of Zuldazar on Khadgar is currently anywhere from 1-5 seconds of lag depending on if you're fighting, running or looting with a ping of 45home/47world.
In outland I get 1000ms in world and at home it stays at 29... I have no idea what is happening is it just only me?
27/08/2018 19:41Posted by Neurotoxin
Tiragarde sound is unplayable on silvermoon right now.

Drustvar is laggy too. WHY YOU JUST CAN'T FIX IT FOR SO LONG?
Argent dawn EU has same problem. second time in 20 mins that my entire dungeon group is frozen in place. We can type and speak in chat but cannot move. This game is so bloody broken since bfa... rlly.. fire ur dev staff man.
We just had a rollback. We were at last boss, and now back at the beginning of the dungeon, all reset. Unreal this is.
On Aggramar. Today I've been getting anywhere from 1 second up to 10 seconds of delay with a consistent 30-50ms home/world. It's occured several times and usually lasts for a period of a few minutes before returning to normal.

I was just flying to Stormheim from Dalaran, once I got half way through Stormheim I got ported back to suramar and the message "Transfer Aborted: instance not found" all while having 40ms home/world.

Edit: As I post this I'm currently stuck in a very long server lag. Can't cast any spells but chat is working normally without lag. Now ongoing for 30 seconds.
Lost 6 and a half bar of xp. for second time. How will you fix this blizzard ?
For the last 10 mins I can't use my hearthstone. It just goes to a loading screen and times out.
Magtheridon EU
I'm also having the same problem, when I'm looting or doing any action it takes 10 seconds to actually do it. I actually have time to press maybe 10x on the loot before it takes it.

I currently have 36 ms (home) and 33 ms (world). There is nothing downloading in the background either. Checked my internet speed and everything seems fine so can you please fix this problem.
More reports of guildies dcing in their dungeons. same rollbacks etc.
I don't think it affects everybody, apart from the AH lag which is painful on any larger server. I've been playing a lot on Defias Brotherhood and Outland since launch, and apart from a handful of 10 sec lagspikes the first week, I've not experienced any significant delays, nor have my friends or guild members. I've seen occasional lag complaints in trade/groupchat, but not very frequently. The only thing everybody complains about all the time is the slow Auction House.

Which is by no means saying that people are not seriously affected as this thread illustrates, but their issue might be caused by something more specific than just a general "lack of server capacity"?

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