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If a server is down go play beta - it's up ;).
how long should we wait?
I know some bugs are normal at the start of an expansion but it's not nice when you are at the end movie from the first scenario and then get the shutdown… no idea if i have to do it again or … oh well, let's hope it's just a minor shutdown.
Well atleast you can log in and see all the servers are offline, i think that is a plus :) They might be up again very soon :)
14/08/2018 07:30Posted by Mooóah
14/08/2018 07:29Posted by Tanek
Yeah same here... Zero issues on my 8h25min streak until servers went down.

LUL maybe read the other forum posts where 1000s of people could not login for hours, black screens, whole servers shut for hours, locked chr's.

Lawl.... Maybe all the peeps at Draenor will now learn that maybe EVERYONE playing on one server isnt great?
Blizz just posted on twitter they are doing a rolling restart of all realms. So should be up soon.
Maybe they force us to update the game, as i saw they added 100mb patch
Ofc its a launch issue. people not getting necklace. Its a new feature for BFA. Loads of people not getting the item. Release problem! Again.

May aswell head on to work. Took the day off for this
They could maybe give us a clue about whats going on...…..
We'll be performing rolling restarts for all realms beginning at 08:30 (CEST) Thanks for your patience. #BlizzCS
14/08/2018 07:29Posted by Findabair
Still better than WoD launch bois

Well WoD broke our hearts in the end
back up
14/08/2018 07:26Posted by Loryen
Guys chill, this expansion launch has been pretty damn smooth. I played from 00:00 till 03:00 with 0 disconnects, no bugs and only the first 5 minutes a slight lag. Honestly, I've been massively impressed by the stability this launch, props to Blizzard for that! I can forgive them for resetting the servers at 08:30 for a bit...

Maybe it is smooth for you, but for the rest of the players you don't know how it goes. I have played 8 hours already and i get DC every 30-40 minutes, and for the first hour i get 10-15 seconds delay or if i get DC then it roll me back to the previous quest or spot where i was... It is normal to have some problems in the beginning, but not 9-10 hours after the expansion start. And now all servers are down. So i will wait there is no problem, but when i am waiting i was thinking about what Illidan says to us "You are not prepared" , and now is the perfect time for us to say this on Blizzard :D
14/08/2018 07:25Posted by Grimkill
All servers are down atm.In game message was popping up saying shutting down in ... , Don't know how long it is going to take though.Same old !@#$

god C&D'ed by Nostalrius
14/08/2018 07:33Posted by Laavrela
Why always when I buy gametime, am free from work, everything is setted up to sit down and play, there is some problem with realms??? WHY? I am starting to be upset with this circumstances.

They /blizz/ are lucky ones I am addicted to this game.:D

What problems ? They didn't just shutdown, they warned all of you they will shut down, it was a planned restart + patch, i can't believe the masses crying about !@#$ty launch because of a restart ? This was the best launch in WOW history you clowns...
Servers are coming up
Now really all realms are down. The twitter states they are doing a rolling restart at 8:30 PM, hotfixing the map and receiving the Hearth of Azeroth issues.
back up on dunemaul

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